Your Last Meal

mindbump suggested by Understanding Alice

“Your last meal – what would it be and with whom?”

I can’t think of anyone I’d want to share my last ever meal with. Not family nor friends. I don’t think I’d want them to see that. I’d rather do it alone all by myself. I’d probably be too emotional or they might be and I don’t want that to affect my last meal on earth. Hey, I’m a foodie and I’d like to enjoy my last supper.

As for what should my last meal be? A big feast baby. Some shawarma, some burgers, some pizza, biryani, some fried chicken, some beef fry, bacon ofcourse, shrimp, pork, my fav Chinese dishes, some hot dogs and some beer to wash that down. And some huge ice cream sundae at the end for dessert. That would be awesome.

And then I can rest in peace.