What Do You Think Happens When We Die?

What do you think happens when we die?

I really don’t know. And neither do you! So don’t pretend. I certainly know some of what will happen, atleast to my body and since I don’t believe in a soul that lives on a spirit, that’s all that matters. Here’s what we know : unless I put it in my will with a lawyer signing on it, I’m pretty sure that my body will be burned in a funeral pyre because that’s what my family of Hindus follow. So when I die, they will place my body on top of wood, after everyone has had a chance to pay their respects, and using the latest electric method, the pyre will be light and poof I will go up in smoke…after a while. My body will be reduced to ashes.

If I get to it, I will have it in writing to donate my body – eyes, heart whatever – to anyone who needs it for spare parts. Or for science. That’s needed, someone has to benefit from it. If I don’t my body will either be burned or decay. If it was in the ground I could give back to the earth but Hindu families don’t do that and so I need that change in my will. As for heaven or hell or reincarnation – nice story bro but where’s the proof? Stories and make believe. That’s all they are.