Bills & Haircut On A Hot, Sweaty Day

Oh what a hot and miserable day it was outside. All I had to do was go to pay my phone bill, then to Palarivattom to pay my ISP’s bill and get a haircut and that was enough in this heat. Oh I must have sweated buckets as I went through the 2 hours or so. I left home at about 11:30 perhaps and took an auto to the Vodafone office just above Ashish supermarket. I paid off my bill and then walked over to the bus stop and entered a Kakkanad bus. It was crowded and stuffy and although I was standing near the windows, still hot. I finally got down at Palarivattom, after a delay due to traffic and the road work going on and walked up to the Asianet office.

I waited in line at the payment counter for a few minutes, long enough to heard one customer’s rant and complaint about his bill blah blah blah. The need to get their offices sorted out, things are so cramped there. Once I paid it I walked back to find the bustop and got a cold lemonade to quench my thirst and help me beat the heat before I took a ride on a Padma bus. I got down at Padma and went to my current barbershop and got my long-ish hair cut short. To see all that hair on the floor and the bald patch on my head – why the fuck do some of us men have to go bald? What the fuck is up with that? Anyways, I was on my way back when I started feeling hunger pangs and went to McDonalds and got me a Double Masala Grilled Chicken with fries and a coke. And then I came back home.