“And Puppy Makes Three” – The Final Trio

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post featuresĀ a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

It was that time again, towards the end of the year and they were at home. Both of them had a fortnight off from work and were planning how to spend the next 14 days. Married couple in their late 30s they were doing well both financially and professionally and now could relax a bit. Still head over heels for each other they had been married for 10 years now and found time to indulge in many activities together. This year they planned to go away for 10 days – but that plan was about to change.

Just as he was putting away their latest novels in one of the bookcases in the den/media room when the phone rang. She picked it up and let him know that it was a former neighbour of theirs. This friend informed them that his sister’s Golden Retriever has just had a litter of puppies that were now a few weeks old, right time to go to new homes and did they want one? She hesitated a bit but he was all excited – a dog of his own again, that would be great. His enthusiasm rubbed off on him and they decided to go take a look. InĀ  two days they were at the neighbour’s sisters house, that had a huge cracked window, the two of them were overwhelmed at seeing the loveable puppies waddling about with fll roly poly bellies post feeding. At 45 days old the cute puppies were excitable and energetic and ran circles around the couple. They could not choose.

Finally it was the puppy that chose them – one of the bunch, a girl pup kept licking him and her alternatively even after the othersĀ  went to their mom, as if to say “I choose you to be my humans. Take me home”! And it was settled. So off they went with the new member of their family in tow or rather in the passenger seat on her lap. They drove home happy and filled with love and got puppy settled in on her new doggie bed, with toys to play with and a big house to roam about and do mischief. Puppy spent the afternoon eating and then exploring when not showering puppy kisses and licks on her humans. Finally as evening arrived and the sun started to set, with no plans of going away for the holidays, she made some hot cocoa while he sat on the rug with his guitar and played/sang “Harvest Moon” and puppy came up to his leg, lay her head on it and fell asleep.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

At The Devil’s Door

A movie titled like that is sure to get it’s share of people checking it out. I expected a lot more from this film, even after glancing through it’s synopsis but I was somewhat disappointed. At The Devil’s Door is 2014 horror film directed by Nicholas McCarthy and starring Catalina Sandino Moreno, Ashley Rickards & Naya Rivera.

Teenager Hannah is with her new boyfriend who takes her to meet a man in a trailer who offers her $500 to play a game and “sell her soul”. Not making much of it she agrees and wins a round of the shells game. The man tells her she’s been chosen, and to go down to where the roads meet and say her name (so he knows her name when he calls for her). Later that night at her house, she hears a male voice from her closet that says “come to me” and she is attacked by an unseen entity that lifts her in the air and then throws her down with some force. The movie then shifts to Leigh, a real estate agent who has just visited the now empty house that Hannah lived in and she sees a girl in a raincoat who walks away without saying a word. Leigh then goes to her artist sister Vera at the latter’s house and offered to buy one of her works, even though Vera wants to gift it to her. Later Leigh meets the owners of the house are trying to sell the house due to being unable to pay the mortgage since Chuck, the husband got sick. Leigh tells them that she say a girl there earlier and the couple say that it must have been their daughter Charlene who has been missing for several months (they think she ran away with her boyfriend).

Later when Leigh is at the house awaiting some inspection crew she see the girl again and takes her out of the rain and to her own home. As Charlene sits in the kitchen Leigh calls Chuck and says that she has his daughter with her but is stunned to hear Chuck tell her that police picked Charlene up at a local mall hours ago and that she is with him. Leigh then sees the girl’s picture in an newspaper article among the files for the house – it is Hannah White, who committed suicide back in 1987. Leigh notices Hannah is gone and she goes around the house to look for her. She finds her in an empty room staring into a mirror. When Leigh asks who she is, Leigh falls to the floor and her heart stops. A grey creature comes out of Hannah. The next day Vera is contacted by the police to come to identify the body of her sister Leigh, who died the day before. Vera finds the same files in Leigh’s home and goes to the empty house where she too sees Hannah who then takes out. Vera then goes to see Charlene who is in an institute and she tells her that she saw the same girl and what looked like a dark figure of man watching her through a mirror.

Vera then goes to see one of Hannah’s old friends who says that Hannah was pregnant before she committed suicide and that she wasn’t herself the last few days she was alive. Also that Hannah claimed a demon was inside of her, wearing her body like a costume. That night at her own loft Vera is awakened by a voice that says “come to me” and she sees a demonic face in the mirror. The entity then attacks her and throws her out the building window onto the roof of a car. When she comes to at the hospital she is told that she was in a coma for 8 months that she was also pregnant at the time. The baby is safe and progressing along fine but Vera wants it out of her. During her ultrasound, Vera sees a demonic face on the monitor and demands an immediate C-section. Refusing to hold or look at the baby she gives the baby up for adoption and after a week later, Vera goes back to Leigh’s house to gather some of her sisters belongings before leaving town.

6 years later Vera tracks down her baby, a girl and meets the mother. While the mother is in another room Vera asks the girl why she was chosen and that she knows who the girl is. The girl hands a finished puzzle to Vera and then leaves the house and runs into a partially completed house in the woods. Vera chases after her with a knife and in a room sees a dark shadow of a demon which then changes shape to that of the girl and almost stabs the girl with the knife. We then see the girl’s mother running to the house searches desperately for her daughter who she cannot find.
In Vera’s car, the little girl and Vera prepare to leave when the girl touches Vera’s hand and says, “I knew you’d come back for me, mommy.” The end!

For a movie that is about the anti-christ or coming of the devil in human form, it’s not very scary (just a couple of jump scares) and falters to excite you as anything worthy of Satan’s spawn should do. Hannah’s angst at trying to burn the money to get rid of the entity and on failing to do so tries to bury it but it still comes back is good but the film hinting that she probably harmed an infant she was babysitting and not doing so – what? The film didn’t really work for me although it is worth a watch. 6.5 outta 10!