Sizzling Dreams Are Made Of These

I had this dream a couple of early mornings ago. I woke up at 5 am and went back to sleep and that’s when I had this dream:

In this dream I was working in a large office complex and was with some colleagues discussing details on a project. Later the team of people we were presenting it too (another department, separate company or clients – I have no  idea). Everything went smoothly and there was a little celebration at the office with a late lunch. Some of us had plans to go out for the evening, take in a movie and a big dinner at an expensive restaurant. I started speaking to this woman I knew – she works for the other team but we were on very friendly terms and from the looks of it, knew each other quite well – who was a pretty woman with short blonde and black hair (roots).  By 5pm however there was something on the news (unclear now) and a bunch of us were watching the television in one of the big conference rooms. After a while this woman, who was sitting next to me at the back end of the room away from everyone else and I started talking, whispering more like it, to each other

As the news went on, she slowly put her head on my shoulders to rest and sighed! Taking it as a sign of positivity, I put my arm around her and gave her bare arm and shoulder a squeeze. Soon the others started drifting from the office and left the building, leaving excuses for not joining the dinner. She and I were the only ones left but we were having too much fun talking to each other and engrossed in our conversation that we failed to see that we were finally the only ones in the room. It was 7:30pm by then so I asked someone at the front desk to get us a cab and she & I walked down to the entrance. Cursing the others for bailing on the dinner & movie idea since I wanted to spend more time with this woman, as I stood waiting for the taxi to arrive, I thought to myself “Here’s your chance. Ask her to dinner somewhere or invite her home and order take out. Go for it” and was thinking of what exactly to say when she leaned towards me and said “Would you like to have dinner at my place? We can have some wine and talk and there’s a great little place nearby that will deliver excellent Italian food in a few minutes.” How could I say no?

So we headed to her place in the taxi, sitting next to each other, her right hand holding mine and resting on my thigh. We sat in silence just looking at each other and when we reached her building I quietly followed her to the elevator and we rode it to her 11the floor apartment, which had a gorgeous view. She let me in and offered me wine and we talked for a bit before we ordered food. The food came but it sat untouched on the dining table because she came up to me and started kissing me on the lips. We were on the couch, she sitting on my lap and my arms around her waist as we lost ourselves in passion. After what was almost 15 minutes she stood up and took my hand and guided me to her bedroom where we undressed each other and ….. you know! Did a little dance, made a little love and got down! Spent physically we lay there in her bed between the sheets she lying with her head resting on my chest as we talked for a while. An hour later, starving for food, we laughed and joked as we went into her kitchen and she heated up the take out food as I took some plates and glasses and set the table.

What seemed like hours later we went back to her bed and as I lay in there waiting for her come to me after turning the lights off she said, as she sat naked next to me “You know you are the first man I’ve ever made love to. Till now it’s all been women”. I wonder why but this excited me a whole lot more and I “rose” to the occasion. What a night! And then I woke up! What an amazing dream!