How I Spent My Last Day Of 2014

So yesterday was a busy day for me, atleast uptill like 6pm. I had some things to get done as I am starting a new job on the 5th of January. So I had to get photocopies of a bunch of my documents and stuff. I also ordered a set of passport size photos of my ugly mug. After that I needed to get two reference letters (oh, Indian corporate companies) from people I know and get it signed by them. After that I had to get a blood test and a general fitness medical certificate from a hospital. I went there by 11:45 am and was told that there would a wait till 1:30 pm, so I went to a cafe and got a nice cold frappe and while some time away.

While I was sitting in the cafe, 4 kids of an Indo-American family came in (as in one parent is Indian and the other is white American). I know this because I happened to ask them after I talked to a couple of them. The oldest girl was about 20 or so, a boy of about 14 or 15 and two little girls, maybe 9 & 6 years old. The little girls were so cute and sweet. They came near to where the tv was, I was sitting at a table near it, and were so excited to see some music video by some chick named Iggy Azalea! Damn, is that what kids listen to these days? And the 9 year old told the 6 year old to move her seat, because she thought she was blocking my view. How sweet! So I reassured them that she wasn’t (I wasn’t really paying attention to the tv anyway).

At 1:15 pm I went back to the hospital but had to wait till almost 3:15 pm to see the doctor. After a check up he said I needed to get another blood test (as I have high BP) and to then come back. So I took the test and a urine sample (peeing in a small cup on New Year’s eve, splendid) and then handed it over to the nurse. I had an hour’s wait so I went at 4pm to have some lunch and came back and waited even more. The doctor checked and said it’s ok but be careful of that BP as it is quite high and lose some weight (duh thank you) and signed my certificate. And then I came back home, after buying some stuff at the store and it was almost 6pm. I had coffee and much later some whiskey+coke and ate dinner with my folks.

Happy new year!

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: First 11 Songs Listened To In 2015

  • Pick Up Truck – Shane Yellowbird
  • Sexy Little Thing – Chickenfoot
  • A Game In Town Like This – Corb Lund
  • Classico – Tenacious D
  • Dandelions In Bullet Holes – Sarah Harmer
  • Mary Pickford – Katie Melua
  • Devil’s Slide – Joe Satriani
  • Payin’ Dues – Richie Kotzen
  • Georgia Rain – Trisha Yearwood
  • If I Were A Carpenter – Robert Plant
  • Never Want To Say It’s Love – Dido