Five Things Laying Around My Computer

Name five things laying around your computer.

  1. My rings. I  wear 3 rings on my fingers – one on the right hand middle finger, one on the ring finger on the same hand and one on the middle finger on the left hand. I only wear them when I go out so when I get back home and change my clothes to my home stuff, I take off the rings and place them on the left of my laptop.
  2. 4 external hard disks. A lot of my music, tv & movies and other miscellaneous stuff is saved onto the 4 drives and I keep them close by.
  3. Spare change coins. I always keep coins of Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5 with me and when I get back home I place them on the desk near my laptop.
  4. Spare batteries for my wireless mouse.
  5. Some old dvds, in cases, some dusty covers and boxes (small ones)

Went Shopping Today & Had A Beer

It’s been a long time since I went shopping for personal things – April was the last time – and I had almost forgotten that it can be a bit of fun. Well, I was due for a bit of shopping and as I had to buy a couple of shirts that’s what I did today. After I woke up at around 9 am I lazed around post coffee and breakfast and just watched Youtube videos until 11:20 am when I went to the bathroom for a dump, shave and a shower. By 12 pm I was outta the house.


So nothing too fancy but I also wanted to get some money out of the bank and get some coffee and a sandwich for lunch. Oh a perhaps a beer! So lunch was a cold chocolate coffee and a Mozarella chicken sandwich. After shopping for shirts at Men’s Studio, I went to good ole Couchyn bar and had a Kingfisher Gold beer. Feels so good to have a beer after such a long time. Bad thing is Couchyn has increased their prices for everything. Asshole Kerala government’s doing creating issues with beer & liquour and hence bars have increased their prices to ridiculous rates to make a profit. Fuck this country, it’s going to the dumps soon!


Around 3:30 pm after buying some medicines and some snacks for tea I came back home. Here’s a pic of the three shirts I bought today.