Larger Than You

Look out your window and up at the sky. Do you believe in something larger than yourself?

Yes I do. There are some people larger than me. A lot of animals too. Like a lion or a rhino or a bear! This apartment is larger than me. This building is lager than me as is this block and the streets and the area and the city and this district and this state and this nation. The sub-continent and the continent as well as this planet is way, way, way (add a few more “ways”) larger than me. Before the planet Earth there is the moon and several other moons and asteroid larger than me. And then there are the planets bigger than this planet in our solar system. And if you go beyond this solar system there will be planets way larger than the earth. And then there is the sun. And there are other stars like our sun that are larger than our sun.

And if you check out this galaxy – wow man how large is that. How large is a nebula? I dunno. And there are possibly trillions more such galaxies of which, I dunno, a heck of a lot could be larger than this Milky Way galaxy of ours. And beyond that. Well I dunno. And neither do you. So don’t make shit up and expect me to buy that but none of us do. I prefer to believe in things that are true and factual. But yeah I do believe and know that there are more than just one something larger than myself.

Are You Afraid Of Death?

Yesterday as we were in a company cab heading to the office and we had made a turn to a smaller road where there were a bunch of cars parked on one side. There was a security guard, stationed outside the car park of an office building, helping the car owners parking or leaving the area. And he had motioned for car to initially slow down as he though someone was about to cross the road and the driver of our car slowed down. When the woman wasn’t walking and just standing there, the guard motioned for us to move on and so our driver did – and that’s when the elderly woman decides that she is going to move on and cross the road. If our driver hadn’t pressed on the brakes real hard our car would have hit the lady and she could have been seriously injured or even killed on the spot. We in the car had a jerking motion and bumped our body parts on the seat or dash but nothing serious. She – just walked on by – I”m old and I don’t care :) – without a thought.

I’m just giving an anecdote of what happened yesterday as this topic is about being afraid of death. Now, I’m not afraid of death myself. I’ve come to think of it as an end to this life and unsure of anything after that (but kinda sure that there is nothing like an afterlife what most people who believe in an afterlife think it’s going to be) and since I can’t do anything to prevent the inevitable death of myself, my position is – why bother! Now ofcourse no one wants to die young or while you are still energetic and have a lot more to do / contribute / experience of what life has to offer. That will be a shame but once you die, it’s not like you can regret it. “Oh gosh darn it, I died and now I can’t do all those things that I wanted to do. Shit!” – no it’s not like that. But I wouldn’t want an early death.

I would be afraid of pain, like the stuff that a serious illness or a fall or something like that can be caused. I am afraid of a prolonged illness, losing a  limb, broken bones, failing organs etc that I would want to avoid at all costs. I don’t want to be in a hospital fitted to a machine that allows me to breath or make my organs work. So if that ever happens, I would want an assisted death. I’m not afraid of the end just the long process of dying and pain it can cause.