My Good Deed For The Day

I did my good deed for the day:

As I usually do every month (but a few days late this month) I went to the Vodafone’s office near the High Court junction (above to Ashish supermarket) to pay my postpaid bill at the Self service kiosk. I went in and slected the options and proceeded to pay when I noticed that an elderly woman was looking around nervously as if she wanted help. She was standing outside the kiosk looking lost. After I paid my bill and was leaving, I kept the door open for her to enter, thinking that was what she was planning to do, but she didn’t go in. So I let the door swing close and was about to go my own way.

However I knew that she was needing help and that kept me lingering a bit at the spot. I looked back at her but I was about to go when she asked me if I could explain how to make the payment. I was glad to explain the process & guided it for her, step by step with an example. I also informed her that she could make the cash payment in the office above. She was quite happy that she could hand over the money to a person at the desk as she was unfamiliar with the kisok styles. She thanked me profusely and I said “you’re welcome” and smiled back at her as I left.

I realized later that I called her ma’am a couple of times. My customer care call center days hasn’t left me at all.