Arsenal January Transfer Window Update

Arsenal striker Yaya Sanogo has joined Premier League rivals Crystal Palace on loan for the rest of the season. The 21-year-old has only played six times for the Gunners this season, but did manage his first competitive goal for the club in their 2-0 Champions League win over Borussia Dortmund. Sanogo joined Arsenal from Auxerre at the start of last season but made limited appearances and most of his impact came in their victorious FA Cup run, albeit without him breaking his goalscoring duck. He will hope to add firepower to a Palace squad that has scored only 22 goals in 21 Premier League games so far this season.

On 5th of January ofcourse Lukas Podolski has joined Inter Milan from Arsenal on loan for the remainder of the season. The 29-year-old, who joined the Gunners from Cologne in the summer of 2012, had become frustrated by a lack of first-team opportunities, often used as an impact player from the bench by manager Arsene Wenger. He has scored three goals this season — including a dramatic last-gasp winner in the Champions League group game at Anderlecht. Podolski, who was part of the World Cup winning squad in Brazil during the summer, has been a fan favourite for Arsenal and known as the best finisher in the team but has been criticized for his lack of tracking back and supporting his left back. He is also hugely popular on social media among the Arsenal fans.

Also possibly on the move on a loan transfer is Costa Rican World Cup star Joel Campbell who has featured so little for the Gunners and who was on loan with Benefica until the Summer. However a new loan agreement depends on whether he signs a contract extension at the Emirates.

Thinking Of A Shelf For My Self

I’m thinking of getting a bookshelf for my room. I need one to keep a few books mainly for displaying some things that I intend to buy over the next few months. I have an idea to buy Star Trek ship models and use this shelf to display them as I am tired of seeing other people’s collections and being jealous over them. I don’t want a huge shelf, just a simple one.

Something like this which I saw at a shop near the bus stop this evening as I was coming home. If I can get rid of this steel cupboard which my folks pushed onto me, I would have more space and can buy a bigger one which will take care of all my books and stuff.

This One Goes Out To The One I Love

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

I suppose it will be a woman, a woman who will be the love of my life and who will be aching to be with me for the rest of our lives. Whoever you are I hope you are reading my blog and especially this blog post. I love you – I don’t know who you are or when you will come into my life, but I have been waiting for you for so long and I need you and I love you.

I want you to know that once you are mine, and I am yours, I plan to spoil you with my love. I want to find things that we can do together as a couple. Oh yes that and that but that wasn’t what I meant ;) I mean things like cooking together, reading together, talking for hours over coffee in the evening, watching movies together, cuddling in the balcony under a blanket while it’s raining and cold outside, going on a trip together, going to get a puppy and a kitten or two for us to love and make ours together. I can’t wait to introduce you to Star Trek and all my other favourite science fiction shows and movies and I can’t wait for you to roll your eyes when I shout and yell as my favourite football team wins. And I will be waiting with a handkerchief and a hug as you cry because you were watching chick flicks.

In short I want to live my life with you and share your life as well. I want us to be best friends, soul mates, lovers and a pair joined at the hip for life. I’m 38 baby, I can only be lonely for so long darling so please find me and come into my life. Get outta my dreams, get into my bed!

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Arsenal 3 Stoke City 0

Alexis Sanchez scored twice as Arsenal climbed above neighbours Tottenham and into fifth place in the Premier League with a dominant display against Stoke. It proved to be costly though as Arsenal defender Matthieu Debuchy went down under a challenge from Marko Arnautovic and was replaced by Hector Bellerin after colliding with the advertising boards behind the goal and dislocated his right shoulder. Reports says that he could be out for several weeks; this after just having come back from a 3 month layoff due to injury.

Laurent Koscielny took advantage of slack marking to head the hosts into an early lead from Sanchez’s cross. The Chile international then finished off a neat move with Tomas Rosicky to double Arsenal’s lead before half-time. Sanchez, 26, added his second goal of the game and 18th of the season from a free-kick shortly after the break. It proved a relatively routine victory for an Arsenal side and for David Ospina, who retained his place after the 2-0 FA Cup third round win over Hull. It was the 26-year-old Colombia international’s his first Premier League start, with Wojciech Szczesny dropped to the bench following reports he was caught smoking in the showers after the New Year’s Day defeat at Southampton. Stoke were given early warning of Arsenal’s intent when Sanchez and Tomas Rosicky forced goalkeeper Asmir Begovic into saves in the opening five minutes. And within 60 seconds Koscielny took advantage of Arsenal’s third corner of the match by heading in Sanchez’s delivery. Sanchez then stretched Arsenal’s lead with his 17th goal of the season – a low shot in to the bottom left-hand corner after a smart one-two with Rosicky on the edge of the area.

Stoke created little throughout the game and their first real chance came when Glenn Whelan blazed a smart free-kick from Bojan over the bar on 25 minutes. Peter Crouch also headed a tame effort wide from an Arnautovic cross. Mezut Ozil made his first apperance after a 3 month innjury layoff when he came on for striker Olivier Giroud in the 73rd minute. Theo Walcott came on a sub in the 68th minute for Oxlade-Chamberlain and could have scored a goal but his almost 1 year out of the game rustiness showed as he hit wide. Arsenal now sit in 5th place with 36 points, just one below Southampton in 4th place and 2 behind Manchester United in 3rd.

The Inbetweeners 2

The Inbetweeners 2 is the second movie to be based on the popular British sitcom that originally aired on E4 from 2008 to 2010, after 2011’s hilarious The Inbetweeners Movie. While the series was set during the 4 lads high school days and the first movie was a coming of age tale post high school with the boys on their holiday in Crete. This time round it’s the 4 lads having a bit of an adventure in Australia.

3 years after the events of the first film Will, Neil and Jay’s girlfriends have all broken up with them while Simon is unhappy with his obsessive and abusive girlfriend Lucy. While Neil is working in a bank Simon & Will are depressed and often bullied in college and Jay is taking a year off in Australia. After being denied entry at a dorm party and having Will’s furniture taped to his ceiling (again) the 3 of them decided to go join Jay in Sydney after receiving an email about how he is living it up as a star DJ, having sex with a lot of girls and sleeping in a mansion. However when they do make it to Australia they find that Jay was lying through his teeth; in reality he is working as the toilet attendant in the club and sleeps in a tent outside his uncle’s house. While at the club Will runs into Katie, who was his friend during childhood. Before they turn in for the night, Simon Skypes with Lucy in an attempt to break-up with Lucy via a Skype call however Jay’s uncle interferes and tricks Lucy into thinking Simon asked her to marry him, to Simon’s horror.

The next day the four friends travel by car to a youth hostel in Byron Bay where Katie and several other backpackers are staying and Will tries to become friends with Ben who does not seem impressed with him. Will also noticed that his mother seems to be living with someone when he Skypes her, but she denies it. It turns out that Jay was in Australia to try and win back his ex Jane who was working at a water park in Byron Bay and so the next day the quartet visit the park along with several of the backpackers. The staff inform Jay that Jane quit her job and is now in the Outbacks. After a hilarious song & playing of a borrowed guitar Will & a drunk Katie almost have sex but she falls asleep on him and he is mistaken for trying to rape her. In the morning things are sorted out but while the other 3 want to try and find Jane in the outbacks, Will wants to stay back and try his luck with Katie. But that night he struggles to fit in with the ‘spiritual’ activities of the travellers and on discovering that Katie is seeing multiple people at once, Will gets angry and rants a foul mouth tirade against them, which leads Katie into having sex with Ben. Will catches a plane the next day to reach his friends in an Outback town and joins them in their car.

While driving to Jane’s new workplace the car runs out of fuel and stuck in the desert without food or water. A dehydrated Simon almost drinks some urine from Neil but the latter only ends up splashing it on his friend’s face. The group hold hands together as they realise that they will most likely die, but are rescued by Jane and her co-workers and it’s only been two hours since the car stalled. Although Jane is touched by Jay trying to find her she does not take him back. The boys go back to Sydney and find Will’s mom, who has been sleeping with their old nemesis & former school teacher, and Jay’s dad there. Jay gets angry at his uncle who insults Jane and slaps him, which causes a fight between Jay’s dad and his uncle. Simon finds out via Skype that Lucy has been cheating on him with Pete, his university friend – but he is elated and abruptly closes the call with her. The four boys decide to travel to Vietnam in a montage during the film’s credits – they are seen hooking with transvestites! After their return to England Neil starts a relationship with one of the backpackers and Will’s mother announces her engagement, much to Will’s horror.

Filled with gross, young men’s humour and jokes the highlight of the movie is Neil pooping in his swim trunks and the poop “chasing” Will down the waterslide as he screams and it landing on his face only for him to puke violently in the water afterwards. There’s ribbing and joking and gross stuff all over the film and not everyone will enjoy that. But I find it hilarious so if dirty English humour is your cup of tea then pop in this film and enjoy. 8 outta 10!

Five Things Laying Around My Computer

Name five things laying around your computer.

  1. My rings. I  wear 3 rings on my fingers – one on the right hand middle finger, one on the ring finger on the same hand and one on the middle finger on the left hand. I only wear them when I go out so when I get back home and change my clothes to my home stuff, I take off the rings and place them on the left of my laptop.
  2. 4 external hard disks. A lot of my music, tv & movies and other miscellaneous stuff is saved onto the 4 drives and I keep them close by.
  3. Spare change coins. I always keep coins of Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5 with me and when I get back home I place them on the desk near my laptop.
  4. Spare batteries for my wireless mouse.
  5. Some old dvds, in cases, some dusty covers and boxes (small ones)

Went Shopping Today & Had A Beer

It’s been a long time since I went shopping for personal things – April was the last time – and I had almost forgotten that it can be a bit of fun. Well, I was due for a bit of shopping and as I had to buy a couple of shirts that’s what I did today. After I woke up at around 9 am I lazed around post coffee and breakfast and just watched Youtube videos until 11:20 am when I went to the bathroom for a dump, shave and a shower. By 12 pm I was outta the house.


So nothing too fancy but I also wanted to get some money out of the bank and get some coffee and a sandwich for lunch. Oh a perhaps a beer! So lunch was a cold chocolate coffee and a Mozarella chicken sandwich. After shopping for shirts at Men’s Studio, I went to good ole Couchyn bar and had a Kingfisher Gold beer. Feels so good to have a beer after such a long time. Bad thing is Couchyn has increased their prices for everything. Asshole Kerala government’s doing creating issues with beer & liquour and hence bars have increased their prices to ridiculous rates to make a profit. Fuck this country, it’s going to the dumps soon!


Around 3:30 pm after buying some medicines and some snacks for tea I came back home. Here’s a pic of the three shirts I bought today.


ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : 11 Things I Expect In A Good Friend

Here is my criteria or just the top 11 for what I believe is needed to be a good friend.

  • Do not preach or offer unwanted advice but be supportive and offer suggestions. And support them no matter what decision they take.
  • When your friend is down & upset, be there in person with beer or in spirit with cheer
  • Humour
  • Loyalty
  • Have their back
  • Laugh at their jokes
  • Tease them horribly
  • Never let lent or borrowed money come in the way of your friendship
  • Get to know their family
  • Offer a ear that listens & a shoulder to cry on
  • Once in a while join in one of their activities which you have no interest in but hey – he/she is your friend

That’s all I got so far!

If I Could Pick A Skill To Master

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Despite there being several things that I would like to be good at, I will always come back to wishing that I could play a musical instrument especially guitar. Drums, keyboards/piano and violins would be nice and all that but for me guitar has always ruled the musical empire. Ever since I was a 10 year old boy and listening to my first rock bands I have been fascinated with electric guitars and the mighty riffs and soaring solos that my favourite guitarists play.

Even acoustic guitar is so cool. Sometimes, in the hands of the right player, it can even seem to be cooler. Like those awesome Flamenco guitarists who make everything, even an untuned guitar, sound cool and chic and suave. It’s the way it is played and the way it sounds. Acoustic classical guitar playing more modern tunes and even rock song covers sound awesome too. There is no instrument that can beat the guitar.

So yes that’s the skill that I wish could master in an instant and impress everyone with my talents. Electric metal, rock & blues, acoustic stuff and Flamenco mastery. I wish I hadn’t stopped taking classes at the age of 11.

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Oasis Of Peace & Quiet

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

I don’t really have any place like that in particular. Home is a place that I can find to be my sanctuary if I am alone. Sometimes there is nothing like staying in my apartment with my folks gone. I have the place to myself and I revel in the peace and quiet. No tv blaring religious crap or nonsensical soap operas and I can stand at the balcony for a while if there is a cool breeze and the sun isn’t blaring down. I enjoy the solitude and calm serene at those moments and days. Ofcourse in an hour’s time I would be blasting metal music!

Otherwise where would I go to retreat? Hey my favourite bars are a place where I do consider a quiet contemplation time. I usually go in the afternoons like from 12:00 to 3 or 4pm and the crowds are usually less at those times. I cn sit at a table drink a couple of beers or some vodka and eat some food and not be disturbed about anything – unless it’s the waiter who wants to know if I would like to order another one. Or even a cafe that has a few table empty so I can sit and drink coffee for a while without having to hear non-stop chatter from the next tables. It’s all relative man. I can escape to where I want if I get some solitude and quite.

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Are You A Late Shift/Night Shift Moaner?

Is it just me or when you do a an evening or night shift does the day seem to get shorter to you? Like the 24 hours isn’t what it used to be? When I work a general shift like a 9-6 or even a 10-7 it just seems like you have plenty of time post work to go do other stuff as well. I’ve worked 10am-7pm shifts for most of 2008-2011 and that’s what it felt like. 2012 onwards mostly general shift and I’ve had plenty of time to get coffee in a cafe, go to stores, shopping and then coming home to spend some time in front of the laptop before bedtime.

Yesterday I started a 4:30pm-1:30am shift and I dunno how long it will be this shift or if we will move to later shifts. It seems to me again that I am more tired and more sleepy and hence like to stay in bed. Perhaps that is the feeling of having a shorter day. Also going out for something like shopping or lunch or going to a bank or anything feels like something you can do on a day off and better stay at home. So the feeling of not having done anything other than work/sleep/eat builds up in you and you can’t wait for the weekend or whichever days of the week you are off to start doing things. I know that I’ve felt that way before and will still feel the same again.

Ah and the graveyard shifts. When you go to work in the nighttime and get back home to sleep in the day time. That is the worst of all. But it’s gotta be done and if you don’t do it someone else will gladly do it and keep your job. So if you have to do, you might as well make the most of it and even learn to enjoy it. Things will seem different and better to you.


One season is all it seems that this show is getting. That’s too bad when you see the plethora of crappy shows and reality stuff that gets seasons and seasons to thrive on tv & cable. Gracepoint is an American crime drama a remake of Chris Chibnall’s UK drama series Broadchurch, and also stars that series’ lead, David Tennant, along with Anna Gunn, as two detectives investigating the murder of a boy in a small, tightly knit coastal town. Also starring in this 10 episode ensemble cast series are Virginia Kull, Michael Pena, Kevin Zegers, Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Jessica Lucas, Sarah-Jane Potts, Josh Hamilton & Kevin Rankin among others.

The small seaside town of Gracepoint is rocked when 12 year old Danny Solano is found dead on the shore. It looks like a murder covered up to appear to be an accidental fall- Danny was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Heading the case is detective Emmett Carver, who has just moved to the town from another, and his second Ellie Miller, who was supposed to get the job just given to Carver, only to find a new boss when she comes back from a family vacation. The two cops inform the family and the cracks start to appear in an otherwise close-knit town where basically as no one really stands out, anyone could have been the killer. There’s an elderly man with a record for having sex with a minor, a creepy priest who seems to take this death as an excuse to drum up faith and get more people to pray at the church and is a little too eager to be front & center when talking to the press about the feelings of the town and a mysterious older woman who is a loner and lives in a trailer park with a dog for company. Mark Solano, Danny’s father, also has a shaky alibi for being away from home the night Danny was killed when it turns out that he wasn’t out on plumbing emergency job, nor with a friend having drinks as he said. It turns out however that he was meeting Gemma Fisher, owner of the Crestview Inn, with whom he was having an affair.

Ellie’s son was Danny’s best friend but they seemed to have a falling out and he deletes email correspondences between him and Danny from his harddrive and phone. Danny’s sister has cocaine in her bedroom and $500 it turns out she was holding it for her boyfriend, who is also briefly a suspect. The Solano family also has to deal with overeager press and cameramen who hounded their premises during a lunch. Carver himself has to struggle with his heart problems, which cause him to blackout and after weeks pass by he is told that he has to step down due to his health. But he is able to track Danny’s missing phone to the house of Ellie & her husband Joe – Joe had the phone with him. As he confesses, Joe says that he had been meeting Danny in secret for several months, away from the rest of the family. Apparently Danny turned to him quite by chance when he was beaten by Mark for something at school and they developed a bond which became love for Joe. Although he never had sex with the boy the possibility was there. One the night of Danny’s death, Joe met the boy in secret at a common shack near the cliff. As Danny ran away after a show of affection from Joe, Tom who had seen his father sneaking out at night runs behind them.

Tom thinks his father is attacking Danny and waves a boat paddle at Joe and accidentally hits Danny who falls down and hits a rock and dies on the spot. Joe has his son sworn to secrecy and stages the fall and wipes the shack down (but misses a spot). However Joe says to Carver that he killed the boy by accident and this is what Carver has him arrested for. Ellie finds out the truth from a distraught Tom after she moves her two sons to a small motel outside of the town. She goes back to sit with Carver as the town has a night memorial for Danny at the spot where he was found but doesn’t tell him about her son being involved. After she leaves however Carver plays a video of him questioning Tom with Joe present and plays the part where the boy is asked if he ever saw anyone hit Danny – the boy briefly looks at his father before saying “No” and this leads Carver to think that the boy knew something more that he had said. The series ends at this point though as Elie doesn’t pick Carver’s calls having a doubt that he might get to the truth. Will the situation change? We will never know now as the show has been cancelled.

But it is a good series and has a good cast with a good story just like the original.

First Day

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

Well yesterday was my first day at a new job so let’s blog about that a bit. I was going to do this yesterday but when I sat down to type this up, I got a phone call and once I was done it was dinner time and then I plum forgot about it. So I got called about a vacancy for a job in a good & large corporate company on the 12th of December. After two calls from their HR in Bombay, I had a telephonic round with someone who will be my boss’s boss on the 16th and a face to face with him and the person who will be my direct supervisor on the 18th. On the 19th evening I was called from the HR to ask me to send my details via a form that they emailed me plus pdf copies of my documents, which I email to them by the 21st.

On the 30th I was called 3 times from HR & Recruitment and confirmed that they would be sending me an offer letter, after which I went to get a medical certificate, photostats, passport sized photos etc done and yesterday, post a quick lunch, I went to their HR & Recruitment office in Cochin to get my joining formalities completed. It took about 4 hours to get them done as there was a long list to fill out on their software, hand over the documents (I had misplaced four copies and so had to run down and get them done again as did the only other guy joining yesterday) and complete my bank formalities. So by 5pm everything was done and today evening (yes I will be doing evening & night shifts) I go to the main offices in Cochin and get a download on the process and things.

I am excited and apprehensive at the same time but mostly everything is positive and I am looking forward to it. I hope I do well and stay here for a long time.

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Food Review # 29

After a couple of beers beers at the bar my cousin Sujith & I went to Subway and had some sub sandwiches. I had the Italian BMT (Lamb pepperoni, lamb salami, chicken ham with olives, honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and pickles on Italian white bread) while Sujith had the Turkey sub (turkey, olives, pickles, honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo on Italian white bread). We are very disappointed that Subway does not have beef in India (to be expected) or pork meat! C’mon we in Kerala love our beef & pork.