New Furniture Possibilities

I’ve been meaning to get new furniture for my room for a while now and always the money problem cropped up. I’ve had opportunities to get a new chair but I kept pushing it away. I currently have a metal chair in my room at my computer desk and blimey is it hard on the ass after a few hours.


Speaking of desks, I looked at this one and even thought it is pricey, I do like it and also the one I have (which I bought back in 2006) is small and fits perfectly in my room but the problem is that because of the partial rack inside it I can’t tuck my feet under the desk and hence it does not feel all that comfortable for the knees and the legs. It’s about 3k more than what I want to spend so I’ll keep looking but I like this one.


I looked at a few chairs and unfortunately the swivel ones all were either crap or expensive or crappy and expensive. I looked a couple of them without the rollers and swivel ones and this one above and the one below looked good.


I like the second one a lot more and it’s comfortable as heck. But I;ll keep looking and maybe I’ll find one less pricier than the ones that I found.

Sunday Just Flew By

Having had an extra day off last week, or two since Monday was a public holiday and Tuesday was a strike, we were working on Saturday to compensate. However waking up late on Sunday and then spending 5 hours of it outside means little time relaxing at home. I was out in the shopping mall and some other clothing stores yesterday to look for a white shirt!

For some odd reason my new employers demand that all male staff wear black pants and white formal shirts on each Monday. So they want us to look like waiters in a high end hotel! I think there’s something in the official books about ties as well but that is not followed. So anyway that is why I was out looking for a white shirt.

But for a guy my size choices are usually few and I couldn’t find one. My usual store has a good selection but no white full sleeve shirts. I went to 6 other places but no go. Some don’t even have anything in my size! Discrimination agaisnt fat people! One store was promising but no white shirts. I did find some casual shirts that I might go in later for but not at the moment. So, post lunch, I came back home empty handed.
And then 3 hours later I was watching the Arsenal vs Villa match and once that was over it was 9pm. Sunday just flew by.