Dream World

I think what the world needs to focus on in this century is eradicating poverty, homelessness, hunger, disease, thirst and pain. Imagine if we could spend all that unnecessary money that is spent on war efforts and armies and weapons and drones and ammo on things that matter. How about killing off all the illnesses that plagues us right now? What about people who can barely have a single meal in a day, forget about three square meals a day? How many people are living on the streets, under the bridge and in makeshift shelters and inadequate housing? And now the animals that we love, like cats and dogs that could use some food, homes and medical care.

I think we have enough money and resources to feed the world and create more opportunities to create more food, drink, housing, medicine and even comfort for every human on this planet. And if every family keeps atleast one dog and a cat as pets and provide them with comfortable homes that would be great. And let’s clean up our mess – the roads, the towns, the villages and cities and the sidewalks and the surrounding areas. Let’s make it a great place to live in. So picture this – you are riding on a very low maintenance & almost pollution free vehicle and passing the homes to your left and you see big, comfy homes with green grass on the front & the back, good furniture, good beds good rooms and plenty of food and drink for the occupying families. Dad, moms, kids playing ball with the family dog or dogs while the family cats sit on the side, half asleep.

You pass by bridges with no one living underneath it, no homeless on the street and no one begging because – well they are in offices or in their nice homes eating lunch with their family and/or friends and drinking nice clean water and/or other drinks and sitting comfortably on good furniture and then at night they sleep in comfortable beds warm and cozy. No one gets ill or if they do it’s as easy as taking a small shot to get rid of it. No one dies early or in pain and no one suffers. We get along with each other and no one cares if you think differently than they do. What a world to live in.