Package Containing 3 Star Trek Starships

So, after a gap of 20 plus days the box is finally here. Using $50 that I earned doing some paid blogging for a client, I purchased 3 more Star Trek starships from the Official Star Trek Collection done by Eaglemoss. After spending over 10 days in Indian customs and the post office, yesterday I finally got a receipt from the local postman saying that the package was at the post office but I had to pay Rs.463 as duty tax against it.

Since he came to inform me this just as I was eating lunch and then had to get ready to go for the office, I didn’t go yesterday but went this morning as soon as the post office opened. I went in and paid for the package and took the box back home. Although there was some confusion for them as I had said “parcel” which is a different service and this one had come via Indian Speedpost.

So my name and address cleared the confusion and I was handed over the package and I came back home for an unboxing and taking photos and a video. My internet is a bit slow and hence I can’t upload the video, as it is quite large in size, at the moment. So I will do follow up posts in the coming days.


If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Not for the reasons of wanting someone to write my blog through their eyes and experiences but more for me to experience things that they normally do. I wish I could change places with a few of the bloggers that I like and admire and even am jealous and envious of their lives and where they live.

I would always want something better for myself and my family and hence would want to live in a better place, in a better residence/house and have a better job and better leisure. And better options for things that interest me (sporting games, music & movies) and other things. And I do envy these people’s lives and love reading about them and they things they did, the places they went to and the sights they saw, what they ate or drank and I wish I could also be in their shoes. I love seeing the pics that they share and want to be in those pics and enjoy that life.

I know some of you will say that I have it better than a lot of people and that I should be grateful but really if we didn’t want to better ourselves and our lives that we might as well stop living.

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