It’s A Really Dark Late Afternoon

Looks like it’s gonna rain pretty heavily this evening. It’s been so hot and humid this past several weeks that some rain is quite welcome. Now, I know a brief shower just makes things worse and makes it more warm but good solid rains and monsoon winds cool things down here a lot. It rained a couple of times the last few days and I hope it picks up and we get an early monsoon season.

The nights could use some cooling down. Once I close the windows in order to keep the mosquitoes and various other insects away (yes even on the 7th floor we get flying insects) it starts getting a bit warm and on some nights it’s so hot and humid that my sheets stick my thighs due to the sweat. Like a friend once said to me on a particularly humid and sweaty March evening back in 2007 “How do people here have sex in this heat and being so sweaty?”

His joke withstanding I do understand the need for some cooling down. It’s gotten quite dark outside now and it’s not even 4pm! Guess that heavy rain is going to fall any minute now.

Meeting People Of Another Race Or Ethnicity

How Often Do You Interact With People of Another Race or Ethnicity?

Not often in real life. I live in Kochi, India and there are foreigners who come to visit the place and a few who work over here in MNCs and/or the BPO sectors. In recent months I have met more foreigners face to face than I ever have. One reason, we have American clients and hence from time to time they do fly in to our offices for various reasons.

The other is that we also have offices abroad and for a week a colleague from the Philippines was here with us (there were 2 others but I only interacted with the one as she was from the same department as I am) and it was so much fun as she is a really sweet and lovely individual. We also have 5 Egyptians who are working in our office and they have been here for 6 months, 3 of which I have been there as well. Those are the most I have interacted with at any point of time.

Other than that I have mostly interacted with people online and I don’t care what race / ethnicity they are as long as they are good people and treat me with the common courtesy and respect that is due to an individual and I will definitely treat them with respect and offer them friendship. Afterall we are all human (though I know some of you do not act like it) and we are actually one race. One species.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times