Hard Or Easy

Are You Hard or Easy on Yourself?

I think it kinda depends on the situation and the way I feel about it. There are several things beyond my control and hence if things go bad I tend to be a bit easier on myself as I know that there was nothing that I could do about it and there is no point in me overburdening my mind about it with such worrying thoughts and doubts. But I usually tend to play the events over and over in my mind long after the events have passed. I can’t help it as in those situations my thoughts have a mind of itself – if that pun is acceptable!

Other times I tend to take things personally and to heart and even I might not show it much to the outside world I tend to berate myself and blame myself for everything that happened. And I start finding fault in everything I did, even things that happened years in the past and or decisions that have no connections to the current event. I brood for days and days keeping to myself and playing the events in such detail and scream at myself internally that finally I break down and cry. Yet I won’t tell many people about it except for my closest friends. And I blame myself for even existing in the first place.

I think other people can be harder on themselves than I am but I know people who take things a lot lighter and easier than this. The mind is the most powerful weapon and it can drag you down if you are not careful.