Living For The Weekend Ahead

Another day, another boiling hot afternoon and i’m leaving for work. It is so humid that I must have sweated a bucket in just 10 mins. Now I am in the company cab with the airconditioner on full blast and some of it blowing straight at my face and part of my body. I wish I had an airconditioner at the apartment – it would make the evenings and nights during the summer so much more bearable. Maybe I should get one soon.

This week could be very busy and hectic yet I am also hoping that things will go smoothly and without a hitch. And I am already craving for the relaxation of the weekend – I only had Sunday off last week due to an adjustment done and I need my 2 day weekend for proper relaxation. Even if I went out yesterday at noon and had a burger at McDonald’s with my cousin and then onto beer a little later. But I haven’t watched much tv shows or movies in a while. Or listened to much music.

Next weekend that will change. 5 days of intense work followed by 2 days of rest. Coming up!