A Closer Look At The Refit USS Enterprise NCC-1701

So up next is the refit (for the first three Star Trek movies) USS Enterprise NCC-1701. This is the classic design. Might not be favourite design of a federation starship but it’s the classic & iconic one.






And here is a close up video of the Enterprise on it’s stand.

Photo Sharer?

Why Do You Share Photos?

I can’t say for sure as to why other people share photos but for me, and this could be only me, I like taking photos. And if I like a particular photo I’m sure that some if not all of my friends and family members will like them too. That’s why I share them. I am not a photographer of any note, neither do I have a proper camera; I shoot my photos on my phone (currently an 8mp camera on my BlackBerry Q10) and I have taken photos on them since I have had a photo enabled phone (since late 2005).

I take photos of whatever I see that I like – the food I eat, the drinks I drink, the things I see, the places I go to, the view from my balcony, the gadgets and stuff I use or buy, the signs / boards / posters and designs I see. Rarely is it that photograph people – for some reason. I just don’t see the reason to snap pics of people except for really close friends and family. Nothing against people but I just don’t get too many selfies or group selfies (groupies) etc whatever bullshit name is associated with them. I just ….. I’d rather take photos of dogs and cats.

In a way I’m also trying to show people that I have some excitement in my life and that interesting things are happening in my life and don’t you envy me just a bit – isn’t that what everyone wants? Maybe you don’t say it out loud but you are sharing these pics so that other people can see what it is like to live your life. And if it looks appealing to another person, you look better to them. It’s that narcissistic side in all of us and it’s ok to do so. So share your photos to everyone and enjoy what they share back in return. It’s all good.

Going to the bathroom in a club/bar/restaurant etc and taking 150 photos of you with a pout (duckface) is not!

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times