Something In The Air?

I dunno if there is something in the air or it’s just the season for it but people in my training batch who are now working after their training has just completed are having deaths in their family. Like literally at the end of the training one guy’s grandfather died and 2 guys have had their uncles pass away. Close relatives means taking leaves for attending the funeral and taking care of family needs.

Now it is perfectly normal for people to pass away and their relatives needing leaves to go attend the funerals but the timing of it seems odd. At a previous place of work we had an epidemic – there too we had a month long training period post which they new employees have to begin work. At that precise moment in that office atleast we’d have one, maybe 2 and at times even 3 employees whose grandfather or grandmother passes away! For a period of two years I checked – atleast one person per training batch has lost a grandparent.

Now this place hasn’t been that bad but I am just about to complete 4 months here and suddenly – 3 of them!

The Discussion To Avoid

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

I agree though it can be hard to avoid it especially if the other person or persons keep bring up the topics of politics or religion. As a rule it is ideally a good practise to avoid all talks about religion and politics in a place where you aren’t supposed to do so – like an office or any place of work, school, colleges and other educational institution (unless ofcourse asked to do so).

It’s never a good idea, it lead to heated arguments and curses and threats and causes friction in public. Only do it with close friends or family and people you are comfortable with. Unless you are paid to speak and discuss/debate it with other people in a forum or even not paid but invited to do so – then go ahead. If not do what I try and do and not speak about it unless it’s with people you are comfortable with. Or do it on Twitter and Facebook!

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