Hot & Humid Day Out

Weekly day out was today though to be honest I should have waited, rested till evening and then gone out. 1 – I was tired and sleepy, having reached home at 4:20 am and then slept onty till 9 :20 am. I should have either done that or gone out tomorrow. And 2 – it was so goddamn hot and humid and it still is! Sheesh, the monsoon can’t come quick enough for me.

Anyway, by 11:30 I wet to the Center mall and went to this booth/stall on the 3rd floor that make custom coffee mugs and or plaques and other novelty items. I showed them what I wanted for a cup and shared the images via bluetooth. They needed about 20 minutes or so and I went to the Subway a floor above and got me a chicken & ham sub. Delicious.


After a coke and the sub, I went back down and paid the guys. I think they did a fine job of adding the images to the mug. It’s a plain white mug onto which I got these Star Trek based images of the USS Enterprise & the Starfleet insignia printed on. I think they came out quite well, don’t you agree?


Then after that it was time for some beers!