An Ideal Community IMHO

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

  • No religion or worship of imaginary deities and hence no religious differences or biases or nonsense of any kind
  • Treating everyone equally and with mutual respect and courtesy
  • Clean & large roads and automated clean up crew with robots
  • No illness or diseases (not even fever or the common cold) and no early deaths
  • Learning the arts, history and music
  • Furthering science to make our lives so much better and even have protective shields around us (homes, spaceships, vehicles and even whole planets) that make us invincible
  • No murders, killings, accidents, attacks, fights or violent arguments – just peaceful debates and dicussions
  • Every person has a nice place to stay, every family has a big house with a yard and play space
  • Every dog and cat has a home to stay in with a human or a couple or a family to love them and feed them
  • The same goes for all kinds of animals (except nasty insects and bugs which do not exist anymore)
  • Everyone works for the betterment of society and the human race, of furthering knowledge of the vast universe that we are a part off
  • Explore and visit alien planets and find out if there is life out there and if so make peaceful contact with them

It seems a lot like Star Trek. I would say my ideal society / community is a futuristic world that takes the concepts of Star Trek and cranks it up a notch and takes it to the next level.

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You, The Sandwich!

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

I would want something juicy and delicious. Let’s see now, how about a sandwich? A nice big sandwich that goes down well with a beer in the afternoon for lunch. A huge brioche bun or french bread, with mayo or Dijon mustard with lettuce, onions, pickles, jalapenos and huge slices of Swiss cheese with porchetta or roast pork with ham and bacon and tomato slice. Or leave off the tomatoes.  Or I could even go for some barbecued pork or beef.

What about pizza? Pizza is my favourite thing in the world. So a two cheese pizza with pepperoni, bratwurst, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos and peppers. Or tandoori chicken with mushrooms and onions and peppers with a couple of cheeses. Hmmm, my mouth is already watering at the idea of it. Let’s make it I say.

Or a nice, big meaty burger. A huge beef or bison patty with bacon and onion rings, onions and a tomato slice on nice toasted buns with a fried egg on top and some fries on the side. Amazing! All washed down with a beer. Hmm beer, how about a bacon flavoured oat meal stout? That’s a thing you know. Or a chocolate stout that goes down as well as a thick shake. Name a beer after me! Yeah!

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