Can I Be Your Superman?

What Superpower Do You Wish You Had?

Who doesn’t wish that they had superpowers? I’m sure everyone at one point or the other has wished that, if not a superhero per se, they could have some super power or the other. Like turning back time for instance or going back in time. Everyone has those regrets that they wish that they could undo and or go back and do things better again.OR stop an event from happening.

How about super strength? To do even odd jobs or massive stuff you wish you could summon super strength at times. And fly at the speed of light and not have to wait long hours to travel. I’ve thought about that a lot. How about being able to swim like a fish and breath easily under water so you can swim with the whales and the dolphins and see the wonders of the ocean world. How about x-ray vision? You know to look at what happens inside the dormitories of college chicks evil doing happening around the world behind closed doors and to expose them to the rest of the world for the crooks that they are.

I think of a whole lot more superpowers that I could use, like shooting lazers from my fingertips, scaling walls like a spider and etc etc but the one that I would like the most is immortality / invincibility.

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