Heading To A Resort Wedding In A Spaceship

Even if it’s only a dream, and a day or night thought i’ve indulged in on many, many occasions it’s a very, very dear dream for me. This is set in the futuristic science fiction universe (in which I and all of us are still alive somehow). It’s a Friday evening and I have just reached home via my futuristic car along with my humanoid robot. At home are my mom, our female humanoid robot who helps to maintain the house and ofcourse my faithful dog Shawny. I tell my mom to get ready in an hour as we are heading to a spaceship and taking a trip to a resort on a distance moon where my cousin is getting married.

So an hour later my mom, the two robots and Shawny are in my car and we pick up my aunt and uncle 2 houses next to us and head to the field where the large house style spaceship is waiting for us. My dad, along with his personal humanoid robot was at a seminar and my cousin sister has gone to pick him up in her car after her classes. We reach first and while mom goes to her room in the ship along with the female robot, my uncle and aunt go to their quarters, I go to the consol to prep the ship for takeoff aided by my robot and Shawny in tow. A few minutes later my dad arrives with his robot and my cousin. As we talk, my sister arrives with her husband, 2 boys and baby girl and their robot helps. We all settle in our respective rooms for a few minutes and then head to the living room cum dining hall for a grand feast of a dinner. As my mom and aunt set the table with a host of delicious food and drink from the food replicator, I take the ship into orbit and plot the route to the resort moon.

As the ship heads into warp speed (we are expected to reach there by lunch time the next day) I head back to the dining room where at the large table my family members are about to sit and lots of small talk and jokes are happening. I take my seat at one end of the table next to mu cousin sister and with Shawny near my feet, the robots help serve us the food and we all eat and enjoy a long meal as our ship takes us to our destination. 2 hours later most of them have settled in their quarters for sleep but I am still near the controls, checking our flight path and the robots are with me with Shawny half asleep on a sofa near me. As I sip some beer before going to bed myself, I look out into space, see the stars and smile to myself. I love going out into space.

Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Three people walk into a bar . . .

and order their drinks from the bartender. The first one sees that the bartender is kinda absentminded and so after a while, he gets up and is about to leave without paying when the bartender stops him. The guy says that he already paid him for the drink, and the confused bartender says ok and the first guy leaves.

About 20 minutes later the second guy, who noticed this, also gets up to leave and the bartender stops him and asks him about the payment for the drink he just had. The second guy also says that he just paid it to the bartender to which the confused but suspicious bartender says ok and the second guys leaves.

The 3rd guy has been drinking all this time but watching things closely. As he is about to finish and puts on his jacket, the bartender comes up to him and says “You know those two guys who were sitting next to you, I think they might have tricked me. I think they didn’t pay…” At this point the 3rd guy yells, “Hey, I am not interested in any story my friend. Just give me the change from the money I just paid for the drinks!”

And the bartender gives him some money and the 3rd guy leaves!

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com