The Preferred Way To Shop

I love online shopping. I find it so much more convenient – other than the fact that you have to wait anything between 3 to 15 days depending on where your purchase order is being shipped from to get to you – than regular shopping. The last weekend I went to Men’s Studio to buy a couple of shirts and a wallet and the place was filled with noisy kids, vawling babies, tired looking older people, loud mouthed folks and running children. I don’t want that!

Now ofcourse for someone who is overweight like I am, I never shop for clothes online as I prefer to try it out first before buying it. But yeah I do buy my underwear online! It’s so much fun buying undershirt and your briefs/boxers online and getting them delivered to you via postal or courier! So I do that via Jabong on Myntra. I also buy a ring or two, computer accessories like a USB mouse or external hard drive online. EBay, Snapdeal and Flipkart being the options for those type of purchases.

Ofcourse I am building my Star Trek ships collections so I rely on eBay for that as Amazon charges you duty taxes as well. Both options are the international ones and not their Indian wings. Lots of other stuff too that you can buy online and have fun doing so. I have to stop myself from going overboard as it is so easy to get carried away, especially since I got a credit card but I am controlling my spending.

Food Review # 38

For my 38th food review, cousin Sujith & I went to Pizza Hut. It was just awesome – we had a fruit Sangria, Go Italia Pasta (pasta tossed in olive oil & Parmesan cheese, bell peppers, zucchini, ham, garlic & baby corn) and their Pepperoni & cheese pizza – abetter than any pizza I’ve had from them earlier. Funny how the pizza served at their restaurant tastes so much more better than the ones I’ve had from home delivery.

On An Even Keel

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Blogging really is my outlet for keeping me on an even keel. It is my outlet – to let out creativeness and frustration equally. Now I, in no way, consider my writing to be excellent (I do have my shining moments once in a while, though) but for me it is a way to get thoughts onto a canvas if you will. Writing it out helps me to focus on a few things and it’s an outlet for me. Cause there are some things that you can’t discuss with people unless they think like you or even understand the things that you care about as much as you do or even know the stuff that you want to write about.

As you may know, I often write out my dreams (if I can remember them by the time I get to my computer) so I can reflect on them and remember them for ages. Most of us don’t and dismiss the dreams that we have (even scary or weird or disturbing ones) as soon as we wake up. Now I haven’t jotted down each and every dream that I have had (I must have an active imagination because I do have a lot of dreams and I do have some weird ones) and I don’t wish to forget them. Even the ones that make be feel sad as I read about them later, I still treasure them because it’s my mind reminding me of things that I miss and hold dear to myself.

So blogging is the way to go for me. At times I’ve also “voiced out” my frustration and anger in the form of the words that make up a post. It’s my blog and I should be able to do that. If someone doesn’t like it – too fucking bad! You can choose not to read it or not to come back here anymore. That is your freedom of choice. This is mine. This is my piece of internet property, I pay for it, I maintain it and I demand that I let my thoughts out. It’s not harming anyone.

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