Change In Work Shift

Well, I am changing work shifts again. I will be doing a 11:30 am to 8:30 am work shift from tonight. I hate this graveyard shift kinda timings. It’s hard on the body and most importantly for me, I can’t a good solid sleep during the day. I try and try but I usually end up only getting 4 or 5 hours or intermittent sleep with lots of waking up in between. I end up feeling dull, drowsy and tired and unable to relax until the weekend. I did two weeks of this shift in March and it was tiring and sleep was bad. The only good thing is that I get 2 days off which means I can sleep in on Saturday or Sunday and recover some of that sleep.

So it’s about 9 pm now and I have had a shower & a shave at 8pm and will finish dinner in a bit. The company cab will come to pick me up at around 10:45 pm and I will reach just in time. Leaving the office at 8:30 am actually means waiting for the cab which will leave by 9 am I guess and reaching home by 10 at the most. That is considering the morning rush to office for everyone else and the traffic blocks that we have here in this city. I will always look at night rides, especially in the rain (if it’s not too heavy), with some pleasure and I enjoy looking out at the city sights through the windows. My only concern is for the poor and the homeless who have to sleep in makeshift shelters and protect themselves from the wind and the rain.

I also let my mind wander into my futuristic world and imagine traveling on an alien planet in the dark with a few of my cohorts and making out way to investigate something or spy on an antagonistic alien race or something. The rainy nights do that to me. Well, I day dream a lot anyway but the late nights are equally inspiring for my tales of science fiction.