Why The Name?

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Back in 2004 or so I heard a song titled Awake & Dreaming by Finger 11, which I love so much and plus I thought it would be a cool name and perfectly describes my character. It’s sad & beautiful at the same time. It is so amazing how I connected & identified with that name instantly as I realized that’s what I do.

As much as I dream and try and capture my dreams in written format, I also stay awake and drift off into dream land, dreaming up vast world’s of the truly magnificent and awe inspiring. The science fiction futuristic world (also inspired by my favourite science fiction shows & films) is beyond amazing and it is a shame that I can’t put it into words that do justice to it. Or if only I could fit a receiver to my brain and broadcast in HD quality the adventures that I dream up, you would all want to be a part of that world.

So that’s why I took the name for the title of my blog as it was so fitting. Ofcourse I also dream of other things as well, equally wonderful to me.

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The Rainmaker

Based on the excellent novel by John Grisham, The Rainmaker is a 1997 movie written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Matt Damon & Danny Devito. Danny Glover, Claire Danes, Jon Voight, Roy Scheider, Mickey Rourke, Virginia Madsen, Mary Kay Place & Johnny Whitworth also star. This was the final film appearance of Academy Award-winning actress Teresa Wright.

Damon plays Rudy Baylor, a poor law student waiting to write the bar exams and looking for a job. After his abusive father left him and his mother, Rudy struggled to get by in a poor neighbourhood and worked many shifts in a bar while at law school. With no high paying firm interested in him, he reluctantly goes to an interview with J. Lyman “Bruiser” Stone, a ruthless and corrupt but successful personal injury lawyer, who makes him an associate. To earn his fee, Rudy is turned into an ambulance chaser, required to hunt for potential clients at a local hospital. He meets and joins Deck Shifflet, a less than ethical paralegal who failed the bar 6 times but is resourceful in gathering information, and practically an expert on insurance lawsuits. Rudy has two cases – one a will for a widow, who later also becomes his landlord as he manages to rent the small apartment above her garage- and a bad faith insurance case.

The latter case may be worth several million dollars in damages, which appeals to him because he is about to declare himself bankrupt. While he was studying for the bar in a hospital cafeteria, Rudy meets and becomes friends with Kelly, a young woman who is being battered by her husband. She never presses charges even if the cops know her case well. When Bruiser skips town, after being investigated for racketeering and his offices are raided, Rudy & Deck start their own 2 man law firm with their meager earnings from a couple of cases they worked for Bruiser (and who generously gave them a bonus) They file a bad faith suit on behalf of a middle-aged couple, Dot and Buddy Black, whose 22-year-old son Donny Ray is going to die from leukemia. Donny Ray would most likely have been saved by a bone marrow transplant had his medical claim not been denied by Great Benefit, the family’s insurance carrier. Rudy passes his exams and finds himself up against a group of experienced and devious lawyers from a large firm that is headed by Leo F. Drummond (Jon Voight), a showman attorney who uses unscrupulous tactics to win his cases.

Judge Hale, who is assigned the case is about to dismiss it but dies of a heart attack and the case is reassigned to a more sympathetic judge, Tyrone Kipler who immediately denies the insurance company’s petition for dismissal. After a particularly violent attack, Rudy persuades Kelly, to whom he is attracted, to file for divorce. At Kelly’s home the two pack her bags but are interrupted by her husband Cliff who fights with Rudy, attacking him with a baseball bat. The husband is killed and Kelly takes the blame, telling Rudy to go home and pretend he wasn’t there. To protect Rudy from being implicated in Cliff’s death, Kelly tells the police she killed her husband in self-defense. Rudy promises to defend Kelly if the case goes to trial, but the district attorney declines to prosecute, knowing Kelly would never be convicted. Donny Ray dies, with Rudy equally devastated along with the young man’s parets, but not before giving a video deposition and the case goes to trial, where Drummond capitalizes on Rudy’s inexperience. He gets vital testimony by Rudy’s key witness, former Great Benefit employee Jackie Lemanczyk (Virginia Madsen), stricken from the record, and attempts to discredit Donny Ray’s mother (Mary Kay Place).

Due to Rudy’s single-minded determination and skillful cross-examination of Great Benefit’s unctuous president Wilfred Keeley, the jury finds for the plaintiff with a monetary award far exceeding all expectations. However the jubilation is short lived as Keeley attempts to flee the country and Great Benefit declares itself bankrupt, thus allowing it to avoid paying punitive damages to the Blacks, as well as any future judgments in class-action lawsuits. With no big payout coming, Rudy & Deck won’t get their share Dot Black expresses satisfaction that at least they put Great Benefit out of business, and that it is now unable to hurt other families like hers. Convinced that he can never live up to expectations that future clients will have Rudy leaves his practice to instead teach law with a focus on ethical behavior. He leaves town with Kelly, wanting to retain a low profile and protect Kelly from any possible retribution by Cliff’s vengeful relatives.

Although it is a good film, it never matches the book as a lot of things have to be left out to keep the film at less than the 2 hour mark. I feel that the story suffers from that, even the relationship between Kelly & Rudy isn’t highlighted enough. Still worth a watch. I will give the film a 7.5 outta 10!

A New Holiday For All

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

I am the supreme ruler of the universe and I shall rule over all of you………..supremely! And my first order of business is to get you all one holiday to unite the whole of the humanity & the animal kingdom! Well, let’s go with humanity for now.

This day of supreme holiday shall be called, well….screw it it has no name. Or let’s just called it “Awesome day of Atheist Humanist Supreme” – that has a nice ring to it. It is a universal holiday, so make merry and have a great time. First of all – every young kid gets a token for “all you can eat ice cream or chocolate”. All day! Ok, everyone gets one irrespective of age. And you have a huge buffet with all the food you can think off. And lots of drinks – alcoholic and the non-alcoholic kind.

The streets will be decorated and confetti will fall throughout the day with the drones that I send out. Music blasting from every corner. Free live rock bands playing in venues around the world. Conga lines. Enjoy enjoy!

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School’s Out

If you’re in school, are you enjoying your classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

It’s been several years. over 20 since I was last in school. Back then we had mostly school till the 10th grade and you went to a college to do your 11th & 12th grades (except for some schools). Now it’s mostly 11th & 12th done in schools. What I do want to say is that I miss those golden years a lot and I wish I could experience them at that age all over again.

I miss having a great set of friends and I miss the fun we had. I miss our awesome teacher (no matter how much I told them that, they still need to be appreciated to this day as my schoolmates and I were lucky to have 5 of those teachers) and I miss the experiences we had over the years. I miss my younger days a lot. I know I can never go back but I wish I had a time machine that would let me reverse time and go back to being a kid again.

I do remember sitting in my room, listening to music on the last day of my 10th grade, having enjoyed a late afternoon out with my close friends after our very last exam. At that time we were elated and high fiving each other saying “yes, no more school or stupid uniforms” but later that evening I realized that this was never going to happen again and it was the end of an era. Imagine missing your school years less than 4 hours after it was all over.

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Change In Work Shift

Well, I am changing work shifts again. I will be doing a 11:30 am to 8:30 am work shift from tonight. I hate this graveyard shift kinda timings. It’s hard on the body and most importantly for me, I can’t a good solid sleep during the day. I try and try but I usually end up only getting 4 or 5 hours or intermittent sleep with lots of waking up in between. I end up feeling dull, drowsy and tired and unable to relax until the weekend. I did two weeks of this shift in March and it was tiring and sleep was bad. The only good thing is that I get 2 days off which means I can sleep in on Saturday or Sunday and recover some of that sleep.

So it’s about 9 pm now and I have had a shower & a shave at 8pm and will finish dinner in a bit. The company cab will come to pick me up at around 10:45 pm and I will reach just in time. Leaving the office at 8:30 am actually means waiting for the cab which will leave by 9 am I guess and reaching home by 10 at the most. That is considering the morning rush to office for everyone else and the traffic blocks that we have here in this city. I will always look at night rides, especially in the rain (if it’s not too heavy), with some pleasure and I enjoy looking out at the city sights through the windows. My only concern is for the poor and the homeless who have to sleep in makeshift shelters and protect themselves from the wind and the rain.

I also let my mind wander into my futuristic world and imagine traveling on an alien planet in the dark with a few of my cohorts and making out way to investigate something or spy on an antagonistic alien race or something. The rainy nights do that to me. Well, I day dream a lot anyway but the late nights are equally inspiring for my tales of science fiction.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a 2007 British comedy / parody film directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. The film is the second in Wright and Pegg’s “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy” and was preceded by 2004’s Shaun of the Dead and followed by 2013’s The World’s End, each of them featuring a different flavour of Cornetto ice cream.

London Police constable Nicholas Angel, is a serious by-the-book cop who is over-achieving in his job making his peers look bad. He gets a promotion to Sargent but is transferred to the idyllic village of Sandford, despite his protests. A somewhat dejected Nick moves his belongings to the village, finds the town is generally devoid of any crime, with its local Neighbourhood Watch Alliance (NWA) helping to keep the peace as everyone prepares for the “Village of the Year” award contest. He partners with the slightly dim-witted but enthusiastic PC Danny Butterman, the son of town chief Inspector Frank Butterman – who he arrests on the very first day for drunk driving. Nick is disheartened that his job is to patrol the quiet streets and chase after errant swans, minor disturbances – the most exciting is which he & Danny confiscate a shed full of unlicensed weapons including a naval mine, which has been disabled.

However the town begins to get a series of strange deaths, which are written off as accidents by everyone except Nick. Even Danny seems to be more interested in discussing his love of police action films. Nick’s investigations led him to suspect the local supermarket manager, NWA member Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton), of the murders, but is rebuffed when Skinner’s alibi is backed up by video footage. He then believes, after chasing a hooded figure who gets away, that there are more than one killer, but the idea is rejected by Inspector Butterman. As Frank goes home he is attacked by a hooded figure who turns out to be an employee at Skinner’s supermarket. Angel subdues the man, then impersonates him over a walkie-talkie to discover Skinner’s whereabouts. He gets to a meeting of the Sandford NWA, Angel confronts the group and tries to arrest them. They confess they are collectively carrying out the murders of any residents who could cause Sandford not to be entitled “Village of the Year.” Inspector Butterman then reveals himself to be the leader of the group, explaining that he is motivated by the memory of his late wife Irene, who committed suicide after her efforts to win that title were foiled by a group of “gypsies”.

The group chase Nick, who also discovers the bodies of several victims of the NWA along the way. When he is about to be caught, when Danny suddenly appears and stabs him, causing the Sergeant to lose consciousness. He awakens in Danny’s car, where the younger Butterman reveals he only faked Angel’s murder to cover his escape. Danny begs his partner to leave Sandford for his own safety. Initially Nick appears to listen to his only friend in the village but he changes his mind and comes back to Sandford, arms himself with the previously confiscated weapons, and reunites with Danny. What follows next is a firefight in the center of the main road after which the two policemen rally their fellow officers and besiege Skinner’s supermarket, eventually forcing Skinner to flee. Skinner accidentally spears himself while the older Butterman crashes his car into a tree after he is attacked by a swan. The culprits arrested, Nick is asked to move back to London but he declines the offer to stay back in Sandford.

As he and the other police officers process paperwork related to their recent activities, one of the townsfolk bursts into the station and attempts to kill Sgt. Angel. As the officers attempt to disarm the old man, though, he collides into the confiscated naval mine and activates it. Angel and the others barely escape the station before it is destroyed. One year later, Angel and Danny are in charge of the Sandford Police as Inspector and Sergeant, respectively.

Much laughs and comedy galore, Hot Fuzz is an enjoyable ride of action & mirth. A must for fans of the Pegg/Frost duo and everyone else who like a light-hearted action flick. 8 outta 10!

Podolski Transfer Looks Imminent

Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski has agreed personal terms with Turkish champions Galatasaray, according to sensational reports. Turkish publication Aksam claims Podolski will sign a three-year deal worth £41,000-per-week. Arsenal are reported to have accepted a poultry £1.4m transfer fee to part with their coveted German international. And will be relived to rid themselves of the 30-year-old’s £75,000-per-week wages. The 30-year-old, who has one year remaining on his contract, made just 13 appearances for the Gunners last term before spending the second half of the season on loan at Inter Milan.

However it remains unclear whether Everton will attempt a last-gasp effort to keep Podolski in England. The player has previously suggested he would consider a move to Turkey, he said: “If an offer comes from Turkey, I will sit down and talk about it with my family and girlfriend. “If I find the right club, the right coach, the right environment, I will evaluate it. “If these conditions are met, I think everything is possible.” Podolski told Kicker: ‘I can’t make any claims. ‘I am under contract at Arsenal. ‘I have not talked to Arsenal yet, but if I return I want to play. I won’t sit on the bench or in the stands.’

Podolski arrived at the Premier League club from German side FC Koln in 2012 and has made over 50 appearances for the Gunners.

In A Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

No for the most part. Sometimes I just take it and do not react much on the outside and it’s like ….well, I feel like giving up and lamenting my fate. In other crisis situations, at times I am surprised by how calm I am and at times I feel like I am about to have a nervous breakdown. It depends on the kind of situation I guess. Hospital cases, accidents, injuries – I would say that more recently I have become more calmer but overall I am not happy with the way I normally react and respond.

I guess we also fear as to how we will react in a crisis situation. Will we rise up to the occasion and face the challenges head on or will be cover in a trail of tears and stay in a corner sobbing like a baby. One never knows; the strongest & most confident of people might break down in a heap of lament in a crisis when it hits them and the quiet and insecure may actually be the ones that face the bull and grab it by the horns. I have seen it happen before and you can never guess precisely what will happen until the moment and the particular situation arrives. That’s just the way that life is. Surprises galore!

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Do You Like Being Alone?

Do You Like Being Alone?

Sometimes, yes. I find that it is often better to be all alone than be in the company of people who you can’t stand to actually be around. Or be with people where you have to pretend to be someone else and can’t behave the way that you normally do. So sometimes, it is better to be alone.

Also, if I can’t be with the people that I want to be with, do I accept substitutes? It’s ok if those are new people and I don’t know them yet and hence it is only right to  give them a chance to show that they are good and nice to be around and we can be friends. That’s why I sometimes wish that I could find a job where I could either work from home or work in a small office with just a handful of people around or in a small office all alone. Without sacrificing the salary part ofcourse. That might be cool and only have to interact when I want to.

Most off days when I am not working, I prefer to be on my own as well. Unless I am meeting one or more of a small core group of friends or family. I dunno, that’s how I feel like since the last few years.

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An Early Memory

I have come to recall an early memory of mine; one that I rarely ever remember or quote. I faintly remember getting hurt as a young kid; age 3 I think. My parents don’t remember much about it either (if it was at age 3 then that was back in 1979 or 80, so we can be forgiven for that) but they do remember that I had to get stitches on my head.

So I was about 3 years old and playing with friends in our little building complex (4 storeys and a 2 large rooftop terraces) and I took a tumble and fell a few steps and hurt my head. I was bleeding and crying a lot and my folks were alerted to the situation and I was rushed to a hospital in a car. The only real memory I have is a small one, of me with my dad in the waiting room. This must have been post the stitches but I was still in pain and crying softly – more like sobbing – and in my hand was an unopened packet of KitKat, which must have been given to me to calm me down. I rather like KitKats.

It’s odd that I remember only that particular bit, crying in the waiting room being carried by my father who was trying to console me. That and the next oldest memory I have (which I have written about before) is of just a few months later when aged 4 I asked my mom about my age. I distinctly remember asking my mother how old I was and my mom replied that I was 4 years old. I dunno why they stand out but they do.

Odd. What’s even more odd about the earlier incident is that I was in so much pain that the KitKat was still unopened in my hands. Fancy that!


Directed & written by Alex Garland, marking his directorial debut, Ex-Machina is a 2015 British science fiction thriller film about an android with artificial intelligence. It was written and directed . The film stars Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac & Sonoya Mizuno.

Caleb, a promising young programmer working for the world’s largest search engine, Bluebook, wins a competition to join the company’s eccentric CEO, Nathan, at his secluded research facility in the mountains for a one week visit as his house guest. The only other person there is Kyoko, a young Japanese housemaid. After he is flown via helicopter to the area, he walks past a river and reached the technologically state of the art house, where Nathan welcomes him and reveals he has been working on artificial intelligence and wants Caleb to administer the Turing test to a humanoid robot named Ava. Nathan wants to conduct The Turing test – designed to test a computer’s ability to persuade the tester it is human. Caleb points out that this isn’t a fair application of the test, as he already knows Ava is a robot. Nathan tells him that Caleb’s job is to judge whether Ava has consciousness to which Caleb can relate despite knowing she is a robot.

Nathan then lets on that he took personal information from millions of BlueBook users, using their search queries as indicators of human thought. He hacked billions of cell phones for recordings of people’s expressions and body language, so Ava’s behavior would be more realistic. Caleb finds himself drawn towards Ava, despite the fact that he only sees & speaks to her with a transparent wall between them and cannot touch her as she is confined to her “apartment”. Ava uses her charging system to trigger blackouts to shut down the surveillance system. During one of these blackouts, she tells Caleb that Nathan is a liar who cannot be trusted. Caleb is convinced that due to Ava’s human-like behavior that appears to include real emotions, her confinement is abuse. He is also shocked when Nathan says that he could also re-program her, killing her current personality. Caleb also seems to be disgusted by Nathan, especially after the latter makes Kyoko dance on command.

One night after Nathan passes out drunk, Caleb borrows his keycard and goes through hours of recorded footage – watches clips of previously built robots and discovers that Kyoko is a robot. He meets Ava the next day and during the blackout asks her to initiate a blackout, during which he tells her that he will get Nathan drunk again and help her escape, and asks her to trigger another blackout at 10pm on the last night of his stay. However when the time comes Nathan refuses to drink and tells Caleb that he added a battery operated camera and saw & heard Caleb’s plan with Ava. He tells Caleb that Ava does not love him and that she is merely using him to escape from the compound. Nathan divulges his real motive for inviting Caleb: to see if Ava can be convincingly human enough to trick someone into helping her escape. When Ava triggers the blackout, however Caleb reveals he already reprogrammed the doors to open while Nathan was drunk the previous night. Angered Nathan knocks out Caleb and goes to find Ava.

He hits and breaks off one of Ava’s arms when she refuses to obey his command to go back to her confinement but is stabbed with a knife by Kyoko from behind. A stunned Nathan hits and damages Kyoko but is stabbed again by Ava and dies. Telling Caleb to wait in the living room, Ava takes a replacement arm and artificial skin from the older models and changes into clothes to acquire the appearance of a real woman. She then leaves the house, leaving Caleb locked within the building, ignoring his desperate pleas. Ava is picked up by the helicopter which arrives to pick up Caleb and goes out to explore the world.

Stunning production for a movie of it’s low budget but the brilliant performances by the 3 main stars is what sets this film apart from it’s peers. The CGI for the android is excellent as is the contrasting setting – a sleek, futuristic interior with gorgeous natural surroundings. Yet the film is a bit dull and moves along a bit too slow for me. I still rate it high and will give it an 8 outta 10! A must see for scifi buffs!

The Basic Stuff

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

My cooking skills is next to bare minimum and hence there isn’t much that I know how to make. But whatever I do cook up, onions is a staple. I will always saute some onions first in a little oil on my frying pan and add that to most stuff. Even to stuff that doesn’t call for onions in the recipe as onions add that certain bite to the dish.

Bell peppers are also amazing in most dishes. I love using red & green bell peppers in the mix and especially love to add some in curries, with eggs and other stuff. And in sandwiches too. A little masala mix with onions, tomatoes and peppers will make a great accompaniment to your naan, porotta or chappathis. Or with plain ole bread too!

I would think garlic in the form of fresh minced garlic or the powdered / paste form is a necessity in a lot of dishes too. I would  miss it in most stuff if it wasn’t there.

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Saturday Lunch Out

Saturday is usually the day of the week that I go out to get some coffee, have some good food and even trying out some new food item and also it is the day of beer. Today was no exception but in hindsight I should have take rest today during the day and gone out either in the evening or on Sunday. I was just very tired and sleepy, not having slept much in the night.


But I did go out at about 11:45 am. First off was some coffee, the cold variety, and a burger. I went to Cocoa Tree and tried out an item I have never tried out before. It was the Southern Fried Chicken burger that comes with an order of fries (as all their burgers and sandwiches do). It was a really good burger and that chicken breast piece was juice on the inside and crispy on the outside. Enjoyed it with some bacon added as a topping.


After that it was off to have some beer. I downed two of these Heineken 350ml bottles of beer. I only tried Heineken for the first time last week and I like it a lot. Truth be told, there isn’t too much of a different between the lagers I get over here but I do like it. I started feeling sleepy midway through the second bottle and hence came back home quickly.


I also had some tempura prawns – which are amazingly delicious – and they come with a sweet & slightly sour chutney to dip them in. Hmmm, amazingly tasty and awesome when served hot. One of my favourite snacks at the Couchyn beer parlour.

RIP Dusty Rhodes

Virgil Runnels, which was the real name of one of the most colourful characters in WWE history, has passed away. Dusty Rhodes, who was also referred to as the “American Dream, had a long and glittering career, which began in the late 1960s, earned him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame. “Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic, his impassioned interviews and his indomitable spirit,” said WWE. The statement went on to describe him as a “creative visionary who helped shape the landscape of WWE” long after his retirement from the ring.

Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic, his impassioned interviews and his indomitable spirit. Moreover, Runnels was a dedicated father to WWE Superstars Goldust (Dustin Runnels) and Stardust (Cody Runnels), a caring husband and a creative visionary who helped shape the landscape of WWE long after his in-ring career had ended. Rhodes rose to fame as a rotund, easy-bleeding, easy talking-workin’ man, a wrestler for the common man. He didn’t have the chiseled body some associate with today’s wrestlers. He was a good-guy wrestler, often battling heels like Superstar Billy Graham, Blackjack Mulligan, Harley Race and The Four Horsemen, who were led by Ric Flair. Rhodes liked to pitch himself as the son of a plumber from Austin, Texas, and an everyman who became the extremely popular champion of the National Wrestling Alliance three times in the 1970s and 1980s.

In his first match he fought Reggie Parks and was paid $15 for a 20-minute match that ended in a draw. He eventually would team with Dick Murdoch in 1968 as the Texas Outlaws, a bad-guy tag team known to cheat their opponents. Back then, there were several wrestling circuits, and Rhodes kept a busy schedule before emerging as a star in Florida for the NWA and eventually World Championship Wrestling. He moved on to the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) in the ’80s, and wrestled on several other circuits before coming back to the WWE in the mid-2000s. He will be remembered for the spirited and often hilarious in-studio interviews he would give to wrestling commentators to promote upcoming matches. Rhodes was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

RIP Sir Christopher Lee

We’ve lost a true legend! The iconic star of stage and screen Christopher Lee has died at the age of 93. The actor, who is best known for his work in the Hammer horror films as well as villainous turns in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies, was being treated for respiratory problems at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London when he passed away.

Born in Westminster in 1922, Lee found fame playing Count Dracula in a series of films for Hammer Horror, and continued to play bad guys for the rest of his career. He was a great Bond villain when he played Scaramanga in The Man With the Golden Gun, and perhaps his greatest ever performance was as Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man. With a career spanning nearly 70 years, Lee initially portrayed villains and became best known for his role as Count Dracula in a sequence of Hammer Horror films. His other film roles include Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001–2003) and The Hobbit film trilogy (2012–2014), and Count Dooku in the final two films of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (2002 and 2005) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008). He has more than 280 credits to his name on IMDB, making memorable appearances in the likes of To the Devil a Daughter, Death Line, Race to Witch Mountain, Gremlins 2, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Golden Compass and Hugo.

Lee was knighted for services to drama and charity in 2009, received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011 and received the BFI Fellowship in 2013. Lee considered his best performance to be that of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the biopic Jinnah (1998), and his best film to be the British horror film The Wicker Man (1973). Always noted as an actor for his deep strong voice, Lee was also known for his singing ability, recording various opera and musical pieces between 1986 and 1998 and the symphonic metal album Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross in 2010 after having worked with several metal bands since 2005. The heavy metal follow-up titled Charlemagne: The Omens of Death was released on 27 May 2013. He was honoured with the “Spirit of Metal” award in the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden God awards ceremony.

Lee died at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 7 June 2015 at 8:30 a.m. after being admitted for respiratory problems and heart failure, shortly after celebrating his 93rd birthday there. His wife delayed the public announcement until 11 June, in order to break the news to their family.