Interesting Week That Was

It has been an interesting week. Well, I am going to Chennai on an official trip and I will be there for 3 weeks. I am going there to help out our counterparts there who work on a similar process and who have a trainer shortage. So I will take over a new hire training batch from the 10th till the 30th of this month. Just 20 days but it feels so adhoc, so unorganized and so sudden to me. I tried getting out of it but no go and hence I am going. My flight is around noon, Air India, and I will be staying in company arranged hotel accommodations.

This week I have been ill; a nasty cold & cough spiraled into a case of sinusitis and I am not fully healed yet. I hope I don’t fall ill while in Chennai. I just attended an Rn R function for the office and I did win a small award for my contributions and a surprise gift as well, which turned out to be a custom coffee mug. The organizers had stuck a Winner tag on the bottom of one of the chairs and I flipped mine over, didn’t find it, but I also flipped the empty chair in front of me and that turned out to be the one. Most of the day, post lunch, I sat with my best friend at the office, away from everyone else and she and I chatted about random stuff while not discussing about the various events being conducted.

I left at 5pm, just a few minutes after she did and came home. I stopped at the corner store to buy some supplies and toiletries for the trip. Evening has been mostly sitting at my computer and watching Youtube.

Unboxing The USS Reliant

Huge delay in posting this. Up next in my personal collection is the USS Reliant. As seen in the second Star Trek film The Wrath Of Khan, the Reliant is a 23rd Miranda class starship which was taken over by Khan Noonien Singh and his crew and which engaged the USS Enterprise in battle. Khan, his crew and the ship was destroyed as the Genesis device was activated and the result led to the creation of the Genesis planet. The Reliant is a nice design and looks pretty good in this model. Here are some shots I took of the ship after I received it.




And here is the unboxing video.