Day 2 In Chennai

So I was in the office by 7:45 am and waited at the lounge area. Neither of the two senior officers in my department and who I was supposed to report to were there yet. I continued to wait and kept checking with the front desk. By 9:45 am the front desk staff took me to one of the training rooms where my counterpart was conducting a session. He was held up and could only get to the office by 11:15 am I spent some time with this batch, and finally one of the two called me back, saying that he would be working in the evening shift and hence said he will try to come in a bit early so he can work out my schedule.

After the trainer and his batch left I waited in the cafeteria – they do have a nice big cafeteria by the way and I had a mushroom & cheese sandwich and a banana shake for lunch – drinking coffee until 6 pm when the guy I was supposed to meet with came by. I had to go home by myself, as these guys hadn’t sorted out my cab situation and I have to pay a huge amount to get an autorikshaw here. Chennai auto drivers are the worst in the world! Or atleast in India. I came back to my service apartment and drank some cool water and changed my clothes. I relaxed for a bit, watching Youtube and a bit of tv. I spoke to my colleagues back home in Cochin, sent emails to my boss and superboss and started feeling a bit lonely. Only a phone call with a colleague of mine kept me sane. Dinner was chappthy and rice with some daal and an awesome eggplant curry. I fell asleep by 11 pm and woke up early, 3:30 am. I couldn’t go back to sleep at all. By 6 I got some coffee and shaved, took a bath and got ready. Post breakfast I went to the office and stayed there till 4:30 pm.

Today was a much better day but I still feel like coming here was a waste and I would like to get back home next week. I am gonna miss my cousin’s wedding on Wednesday otherwise and Onam is next weekend. I would like to go out and see the city a bit, so if I am here this Saturday I will try and go to a mall and find a brew pub as well and try some cool beers. Dinner tonight is a chicken curry with rice that the caretaker / cook is making for me and the fellow guest at the service apartment. Cheers folks!