Day 3 In Chennai

Day three in Chennai and things aren’t going that great. Ok let’s get the good thing out of the way; as stated last post the caretaker / cook bought some chicken to make as a curry for our dinner. I have an apartment mate now – his name is Mark and he is from one of the offices in the Philippines. He arrived late on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning at around 1 am and went to his room. I ofcourse was fast asleep having started my day at 2:30 am. So he apparently is here for a longer period than I am and will be staying at this guest / service apartment for a while.

Anyway Mark wanted chicken for his lunch and was particular to chicken curry Indian style, minus the heavy spices, so the cook asked me if I was ok with it as well. I said sure fine and so dinner on day 3 was a nice chicken curry with chappathy and white rice. Ok, now back to the office stuff. Once again I paid Rs.200 to get to the office and got to the office by around 8 am. The session started and by now I was feeling bored as I had nothing to do and hence faded out from time to time but offered some inputs wherever needed. Lunch at the office was by now a standard single sandwich – I had egg and cheese – with a banana shake. By 3 pm I was tired and sleepy so I snuck out for some strong coffee.

I managed to get a cab back to my home and stopped at a small shop to get a snack and some coffee. I came back to my room, put on some music, drank my coffee and then another that the cook made for me, watched some Youtube and blogged and went on Facebook. Dinner was good, I was chatting with a colleague or two and by 10pm was tired and sleepy so I shut down my laptop and watched an episode of the Mentalist before I fell asleep, like clock work at 11 pm. However I did wake up, yet again at an early hour, at 3:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep again so I just lay in bed, wrapped up in my thick blanket and thought about things. At 5:30 am I woke up to go to the loo and start the proceedings for another day at work.