Day 4 In Chennai

Waking up at 3:30 am seems to be a common thing for me these days. Day 4, this is Thursday, started off quite the same with me waking up at at that horrible hour and then trying to get back to sleep in vain for the next 2 hours. I tossed aside my blanket by 5:30 am and went to the loo. I waited till 6am, just watching Youtube for a while, and then woke up the caretaker / cook so he could make me some coffee. I also gave him some money so he could get some of my clothes dry cleaned at a nearby store, which he did later in the morning. I showered and shaved and ate breakfast and then walked up to the junction and got an auto to get me to the office here.

The day was boring and I also sense some hostility from a small section of the trainees in that batch. Hiring should be better and I think things could have been managed a lot better. I do like some of them and for lunch I ate a sandwich and a coffee and later at 3:30pm I enjoyed a nice milkshake and by 4:30 I took a cab from the office and came back to my room for some coffee and a snack for the evening. By 6pm I got word that they had finally come to their senses and the manager of my department here called me and said that it would be crazy to keep me back here for nothing and that I could go back. I called up my boss who said he would confirm it and later that night he did. I was told that I could come back by Saturday and I asked for a day off to go and see the city a bit.

So Friday, today, I just have to go in for a couple of hours and raise a request to get me a flight back home. After that I will say goodbye to the team I have spent time with over here these past few days and then head out to the city for some shopping or sightseeing and checking out a few places. I also have a surprise coming up. Tomorrow should be a great day!