My First Tattoo – Tribal Dragon Design

Ok so I have been wanting to get a tattoo done for ages. I think I was 15 or so when I wanted to get a tattoo done because most of my favouite rock bands and artists had one or more than one. I’ve even blogged about it on a couple of times. One reason is that tattoos, even as they are getting more and more common, are still frowned upon where I live. Sure a lot more guys and girls have them these days but even 10-15 years back it was seen as not normal. Unless ofcourse it was a religious symbol (hypocrisy at it’s finest)!

Also from the age of say 21-31 I never knew of any tattoo parlours (a good one or even just a single one) in my hometown or in Kerala. I asked around and never found any. Most people here would go to Mumbai or Bangalore or Delhi to get theirs done and I never traveled. In the recent years a couple of tattoo parlours have sprung up in Cochin and other cities in Kerala but I just never got round to getting one done. This year I remember telling my cousin that we should go together and get inked but he wasn’t that enthused about it.


In Chennai it is more common so while I was at the mall on Friday I asked around for any tattoo parlours. There weren’t any in the mall or nearby but a store owner, who had a couple of tattoos guided me to a tattoo artist and his shop in Guindy, which is the area I was headed to next, and gave me his card as well. So off I went and met the tattoo artist, selected one design upon knowing that he wouldn’t do colour tattoos like red as the weather and our skin turns it into an ugly brown in a few weeks or months. So I went for all black. He took about an hour to do this and yes it did hurt but it was bearable pain.


Initially I could see a bit of red sores and swelling. I took care of it and applied the ointment he recommended to me. 2 days later on Sunday I took this snap, once I was back home in my apartment in Cochin. It’s starting to feel a lot like a normal tattoo. I am very happy with the tattoo.

Trying To Let Go

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

I’m not really sure if this can ever be positive in the least. The habit that I’d like to break is falling for the wrong girl. And by that I mean unattainable women and not that there is anything wrong with them. Other than the fact that I have no chance with them.

I guess that is why I am lonely and a still a bachelor at 39. The heart desires what the heart desires and I have no control over it (note – I know that it’s not the heart that chooses and that it’s actually the brain and chemicals but it’s a hard thing to change) and I guess that is a recurring thing for me. This time it’s probably the worst – I have fallen and fallen hard with a woman who is married and has a baby! Yes, I am that bad.

Yes she is gorgeous and beautiful but that isn’t what that attracted me to her and is making me feel this way. When I first met her, I thought “damn, she’s gorgeous” but nothing much beyond that. And I became her friend and started to get to know her. Now it’s almost 5 months later and I’ve gotten to know her pretty well and she’s amazing, funny, smart and she enjoys a lot of things that I enjoy and I can joke with her and make her laugh. I realized a few weeks ago that I had started thinking about her a lot and that I didn’t even realize that it has happened.

I even tried avoiding her for a while but it just made her think something was wrong with me. Two weeks ago I spent some time with her over two days and I enjoyed it so much and yet my heart was breaking inside as I knew that nothing would ever happen. I was away for a week for work purposes and all I could think of the whole journey to and fro and the days in between was here. About how I wish I had met her a few years ago. About how much I wish things were different.

I know eventually I will get over it and I have no plans of even giving her a hint of how I really feel about her. But it is tough to get over. I wish I didn’t feel this way. But while I am on the subject of wishing, can I wish to go back in time and be the one who wins her heart?

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