The Lonesome Stranger

So I just attended my cousin’s wedding, the one I blogged about a few days ago. The function was held in a nice airconditioned hall attached to one of the nicest hotels in the city. Having only slept by 3am and woken up at 7:30 am I was really in no mood to go early. I stayed in bed till 8:15 and lounged about in my room till 11 after which I showered and shaved and got ready to get to the venue. I reached there by 12 just before the bridegroom and bride reached.

I met my relatives and several people I rarely ever get to see. Including a cousin and his wife I see every 2 years or so, another younger cousin who I haven’t seen since 2000!! And boy has she grown up and changed but she treated me the same way she always did as a kid – a big hit on my shoulder! Sigh, being the big brother to little cousins never change! Several relatives who have gotten older and in some cases some who I may never see again unless there is a similar function. I tend to stay away from functions like weddings but this one I just had to attend.

I always feel sad after an event like this as I see all the happy faces. The inevitable question did pop up twice; by the same people who I expected to ask it as well. Actually 3 times but one person asked it twice. “When is yours”, “yours is next” and “shouldn’t you also tie the knot”. Questions I have no answers to at the moment. And that does make me sad. It’s not that I don’t want to but it’s not something I see on the horizon for me. It might never happen. So I the fine bachelor, the only one cousin remaining yet to be hitched. I am not in the mood to go to work now. I might leave early if possible.

It’s something I never foresaw when I was younger. That I would be a lonely guy scared to attend functions with family just so I could avoid the questions and the gossip.