Krispy Kreme – Donut & Coffee

Another first for me while in Chennai was trying out a Krispy Kreme coffee and a donut! Now this is yet another international franchise which I had heard so much about (it’s what Homer Simpson loves right?) but I had never ever seen one before. A surprise was that when I reached the Chennai airport on my way back home to Cochin, I saw that they had a Krispy Kreme outlet in the airport, past the check in section.


Not having had lunch – or rather I had bought a sandwich at the airport but it was cold and tasteless so I threw it away after a couple of bites – I bought myself an iced cappuccino and a chocolate glazed donut (I forgot the name of the donut).


I selected the donut after much oogling, drooling and staring at the selections they had on offer. I must say that that display really looked amazing. I loved it. Enjoy the pics!


Nothin’ But A Good But Not Too Exciting Time

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

It will be the usual stuff and nothing too exciting. I might go out for a while, spend the morning in a cafe drinking a nice large cold coffee with a snack or a sandwich. I might read a book or listen to some music while I am there or even log on to social media on my phone. A good 2-3 hours like that would be great. After that I would head to a bar or a beer parlour and drink a couple of beers while watching football on the television and enjoy the afternoon. A late lunch would be something like a pizza or maybe a burger or even Chinese or tandoori food.

I could also watch movies or tv shows all day and hang out in my bedroom. Or listen to music all day and sleep in. Order in some food, bring out the vodka or white rum with coke and chill in the living room watching stuff on tv. Or go hang out with some friends and or cousins and have a good time. Or maybe just bring my sister and her kids to my place and enjoy a nice dinner with my folks as well. The simple stuff that I tend to do most weekends or a holiday in between.

I guess I am simple, boring, nothing much exciting happening in my life kinda guy.

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Rumour Or Truth? Benzema Deal Almost Done

The latest ‘news’ is that Arsenal have reportedly chartered a private jet to bring Benzema to England and have arranged for him to stay at a ‘five-star hotel in London’ ahead of undergoing a medical with the club… on Monday! These claims are being made by Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli, who has become a familiar figure to Arsenal fans for his regular updates on the Benzema saga. His stance seems to be if you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, some of it might stick. Other reports too suggest that Arsenal are edging closer to signing Real Madrid’s French striker Karim Benzema, and a deal could be completed as early as next week. Indications are that a £48m fee has been agreed between the North London side and Real, with the deal to be completed and announced next week.

Rodney Marsh believes the deal is close to happening too. He told TalkSport: “I had a phone call from a mate of mine, and he’s been right on many things. “He said that he believes Real Madrid have accepted a bid somewhere in the region of £48m for Benzema from Arsenal.” Benzema has made almost 200 La Liga performances for Real since signing from Lyon in 2009, and scored 87 goals. He signed a new five-year deal at the Bernabeu in August 2014, and earned himself a little bit of Real history by Benzema scored Real Madrid’s 1,000th goal in European competition after netting a goal in a 5–1 victory over Basel in the first match of the Champions League Group Stage the following month.