Beers @ The Moon And Sixpence Irish Bar

So while I was in Chennai I went to this highly recommended Irish Pub that was in the basement of the rather famous Hablis hotel in the Guindy area. This is a place that my cousin told me about several months ago and although it is expensive it is worth going to. They have imported beers and were setup by Irish folks and hence it is an experience that we cannot get commonly in India. So on Friday the 14th of August I found myself in the Moon and Sixpence.


I saw that they had Gunniness stouts and I ordered one. Here is a pic of the beer just after it was poured.


So it is a draught beer and not the usual stuff I guess. It tasted tinny and metallic and not at all pleasant to drink. I was highly disappointed after all these years hyping up the beer in my mind and dreams. It was a let down. Perhaps it was a bad batch or something. But still I was so down – and at that price. I could have bought 8 beers at the Bevco here!


The next beer was so much better, the rather tasty Hoegaarden Whit beer from Belgium. Just nice & refreshing with a lemony tasty. Delicious with some French fries.