No Ambition, No Drive, No Resolve

So Arsenal ended up disappointing all their fans – more like a slap in the face really – as the transfer window came and went and we didn’t sign a single outfield players. Yes we signed Petr Cech as a goalkeeper and that is a really good signing but we didn’t do squat about anything else. All through the transfer window we kept waiting and hoping that the club would show that it means business and is willing to challenge at both home in the Premier League, the FA Cup as well as in the Champions League. All the big and medium clubs were signing players to fill in the areas that they needed to be strengthened.

All we got were nothing more than a handful of rumours that mean nothing in the end. All fart and no shit! Arsenal & Wenger have been consistent in their commitment to lack of ambition and lethargy when it comes to the league. We needed a striker & a CDM – everyone knew that! With Wenger’s record, I am glad that he didn’t sell anyone instead! We were linked with some top players and we got nothing. The English league spent almost $100 million on transfers and Arsenal contributed to just $10 million of that. A club of our stature and history! Just $10 million. This is after one of the board members said that the club has $200 million in the bank and $60 million to spend on players.

I think we have to face it – with the mentality that Wenger & the board have at Arsenal I think most top players do not want to come here! There seemed like 1 or 2 who did want to come but we didn’t pursue them. This is ridiculous. Please chuck out this old geezer who does not want to win the league or do well in Europe – he has clearly shown that to us! He, like the whole world, knew that we needed a CDM as well as a good striker to challenge for the title and what did he do? Chased a fellow Frenchman for most of the time and he doesn’t even want to come here and in the end we got nothing. No backup plan no nothing. Idiot! I wish fans could get behind the club and not this manager who has clearly lost his marbles.

Forever Young

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Yes ofcourse. Oh man who wouldn’t want to do that. But I’d want to drink it a few years ago. Atleast at age 29 because I think that is a good age. 27-29 would do me good. That feels like a good age to remain at forever.

But….I wouldn’t want to live in this age forever young. Can I not get a Star Trek style futuristic universe where we have a lot of things I want and be able to spends decades and decades of our lives exploring the alien worlds and interacting with all the aliens and beings on the numerous planets in our galaxy and beyond? I want that kind of a life and a universe for me and for everyone.

Some find dignity in growing old and dying but that’s because that’s all you know. If you had a choice, wouldn’t you want to live forever without aging? I certainly would but under these terms.

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