Unboxing The Jem Ha’dar Battlecruiser

It’s been a while since I did an update on my Star Trek starship collection. So here goes the next one.


We have the Jem Ha’dar battlecruiser. It is a sleek and menacing looking design that showcases the intentions of the Jem Ha’dar who work for the Dominion.


It is an awesome design with lots of sharp points and yet it is also quite elegant in design. It’s like a predataory animal that still looks beautiful and engaging at the same time. I think Eaglemoss did a fine job in creating this model with just one flaw – it is easy to break!


The ship had some damage when I got it and the pieces on top have come off. Luckily it is easily fixable with some glue and I won’t have too much trouble with it. I don’t think that I will buy a replacement one. If only the seller would be careful and provide adequate protecting in their packaging (some bubblewrap would have done the deed).


And here is the unboxing video. Enjoy!