A 3 Day Cold & Now Sinusitis

So this is the 3rd day that I have carried this terrible cold around. Although it is actually worse than the last two days as I have a bout of sinusitis to go along with it. Dear me, dear me why am I falling ill so often? Thurdsay I was having the cold but otherwise I was ok till about 8 pm, so post dinner I tried to take it a bit easy and even lay down for an hour at the dormitory that the office maintains. I must have even slept off for about 30 minutes. I had a conference call / review at 11:30 pm which lasted an hour and I thought I would fine by morning.

Yesterday I still had the bad cold and a slight sore throat so I took training easy and made the trainees speak more but by 10pm I was wiped and again went to lie down for a bit. But this this I was restless and came out of the dormitory in 30 minutes and went back to my system. We had it easy for a while after that due to a couple of activities, including a DJ night and dandiya dance at the office hence I sent my trainees to enjoy it for an hour and then got ready to come back home. I knew on my way back that I was falling even more ill and that I would have to cancel my weekend plans of going out for beer and lunch and possibly a movie. That sucks.

Today I have slept a whole lot, did inhalation and drank most just coffee and had some sardines for lunch, as I feel that is really good for you. I am having the sniffles and feeling way too tired to do anything. Will try and watch a football match at 10pm but I fear that I will fall asleep half way through due to my tiredness. Hope tomorrow is much better.