22-10-2015 Update

I’ve been tired a lot more, due to my sinusitis and sleep a lot more. Usually while doing a 4:30 pm to 1:30 am work shift and reaching home by 2:15 am, I usually wake up by around 7:30 to 8:30 am but these last few days I have been sleeping in and waking up by 9:30 or 10 am even! That is different and not what I usually do. Hence I do have less time at home before I have to shave, shower and get ready for work (the company cab comes to pick me up at around 3pm or so) and have been online less. The blog is also a bit behind because of that.

I have been skipping breakfast everyday for this week as I still feel a bit sickish because of the sinusitis (it’s getting better but it’s still there) and in the morning it is the worst. By afternoon I feel better and can have lunch but it’s only coffee till then. Usually by 8:30 pm I have dinner at the office cafeteria and that is usually the only time I really feel any hunger these days. More coffee usually sometime in the evening. But….and this is funny……I always feel like having something sweet in the night. Usually that comes up around sometime post 1am, so I get some chocolate and cream biscuits to munch on as I leave the office.

What else? Well I have 3 days off this weekend Friday being a holiday and all that, so I plan to go out for a day, maybe two, watch a few movies (been thinking about doing a trilogy marathon) and oh yeah – I finally bought my new laptop. I bought the Dell Vostro 3558 this morning, bought it online and it will be delivered to me by the 27th.