Ensign On Voyager

So I usually am thinking about a futuristic science fiction fueled universe in which people travel the galaxy much like people drive around or take the bus or take a train or flight to their destination. In a Star Trek kinda universe of the future but with some differences. I often think up of various scenarios and even dream about them too. But yesterday night I actually dreamed I was in a Star Trek Voyager situation. With some of the cast in it too!

It was on a dark and volatile planet with thunder and lightning and there was some of the Voyager crew on the planet surface along with a small camp of the indigenous people of that planet. The planet was in danger of being destroyed due to the extreme weather conditions and some other stuff; the planet would probably be ripped apart by the fast moving plates under the surface. It is on this planet that I, a young ensign, am on with my superiors and other officers. Captain Janeway is giving orders to Tuvok and I am in the group that he is in charge off to deliver a group of some of the natives to a large ship in orbit. So Tuvok and the rest of us gather the natives and take them to this large gleaming shuttle, make them seated and then I & Tuvok head to the front section and take off into orbit.

That’s all I can remember. There is this bit about Lt. Paris & Neelix going to get supplies for the natives and some other stuff happening in the background. That’s the sad part of dreams – you usually forget a whole lot of details a few minutes after you wake up. Shit, I should have switched on the laptop immediately after I woke up but I was tired and lay in bed for another snooze of about 45 minutes or so.