Nagging And Depression

It’s common for a lot of folks that their parents really are the ones that piss them off the most. My mother is the one person who never seems to amaze me – in the fact that she seems to go out of her way to find new ways of annoying me. Anytime she has a chance, she will open her mouth knowing that she is doing nothing but pissing me off. That is in an incredible dedication to her lifelong ambition – to drive me nuts!

I am usually caught off guard because the casualest of conversations can suddenly change to her repeating her nagging. My sister seems to take it more in her stride and even gives back a ton more. She doesn’t take too much BS from my mom. But I live with her! My dad, my mom and I share a small apartment. When either parent passes away I will continue to stay and live with the other. So when my dad who is 76 passes away eventually, it will be just me and mom. And that is a depressing thought.

All her constant complaining, negativity, nagging – fucking hell just shut up for sometime. Let go and live your life for once. And stop annoying me.