Bedtime schedule is different for different folks. On a weekday vs a weekend is also different for me.

Monday to Friday it’s pretty much the same for me. Depending on what work shift timings I am doing (I usually work a 4:30 pm to 1:30 am work shift) and what time I reach home. So if I reach home by 2:15-2:30 am I usually come to my room, change clothes, or remove clothes since I sleep in the nude, and switch on my laptop. As I lie in bed, I will watch a tv show episode before I fall asleep by 3:30 am.

Weekends are usually a lot better ofcourse. I will be watching a movie or two or three episodes of whatever show I have lined up for the night. Sometimes there might be a football match on at 9:30 pm or 10pm and I will watch that before I go to bed. Then 2 to 3 hours in I will enter lala land. Zzzzzz

On several nights though before I drift off to sleep there is that inevitable thinking about my life and how it’s so not where I want it to be. The regrets, the mistakes and the what ifs. And I will dream! Of what could have been!