New USB Data Card

Just went out on what is a fucking hot and humid day to go and buy a new USB data card connection from Tata Docomo. Ok, the heat and humidity is really bad, it’s probably the worst we have seen in decades. I probably say it every year but it really is terrible. Anyway the reason I am getting the USB dongle is because I will be staying in another apartment for the next 3 weeks or so and will need internet connectivity there.

So I got one and paid Rs.2000 for the device and the first month which will give me 6.2 mbps for 15 GB. After that it’s at a nominal 64kbps which is nothing really. I think I can get by on 15GB of data for 3 weeks but just in case I don’t I can add a booster pack for about Rs.200 more and which will get me another 5GB or so. I have to call them up and find out. Anyways, I have to wait till today evening to get the connection activated after pre-verification and will probably only see how it works by tomorrow, as I work in the evening shift.