Clingy Bitch Dream

Weird dreams are made of me. I am hitting it out of the ball park with these dreams during the last few years. I don’t have them very often but when I do, it’s so real and it stays with me for days after.

LAst night I had this weird dream of me being at a wedding. In a large hall with so many people and I was with 2 other guys and we were looking out for one thing and one thing only; eligible women who we can strike up a conversation with. We found some good looking women in sarees at one corner and we joined them and tried introducing ourselves. I lost my friends in a few minutes while I struck up a conversation with a women I thought was attractive and we hit it off so well that soon it was just the two of us sitting and talking alone. When it was time for lunch, she walked with her arm in mine and we had a nice time eating and talking during lunch.

Once lunch was done we walked back to sit alone and away from people and talked for a long time. Things were going so well, us talking with her arms clinging to one of mine until….she made a rather insensitive remark. I tried changing the subject but she brought the topic back to it and made more derogatory remarks (don’t ask me what it was,I have forgotten as soon as I woke up) and when I defended / spoke diplomatically she said an even worse term and said some more disparaging things about people who support the topic. I got pissed off and said “You know what, that’s it. I just wanna go now. Goodbye and let’s not call each other” and I tried prying my arm away and walking off…but she was having none of it!

She wouldn’t leave me and kept grabbing my arm even when I yelled at her to let me go. She kept pulling me in one direction opposite to the one I was trying to go to. As people kept staring at us, I thought I’d try and shame her away and said stuff like “Hey lady, I won’t pay you for sex”, and “I don’t want to give you babies” and other things. You’d think she’d back off but she just kept grabbing me and grinning maniacally. Finally she and started abusing swear words at each other but she still wouldn’t let go. But this time we were on the middle of the road and a huge truck was bearing down on us and I heard a loud horn just before the truck was about to hit us….

And I woke up! Shaken! What a dream!