The beach is always an interesting place. I have only good, fond memories of the beach and I get a feeling of nostalgia about the beach as the last time I’ve been to one was back in 2008. And before that in 2002. In 2002 I used to live in Calicut and my friends/colleagues and I would go often to the beach even on weekdays. We’d spend hours there sitting near the sand, talking about stuff and enjoying simple snacks and fruits that the vendors had on carts nearby. Those were simple fun times back when we didn’t have much money.

Before that and even now the beach meant Fort Kochi beach which is near to my ancestral home (in Mattancherry). My cousins and I would go to the beach and play in the waters. We’d play Frisbee on the beach. The beach also meant excellent fried fish and later on in life, beer. Kovalam beach is a place I’ve been to twice. They also have a separate beach for the foreigners, women who like to sunbath topless. Yahoo! That was a sight for a 17 year old! Trivandrum beach is also good and again when my cousins and I could go there, playing frisbee on the sand was a lot of fun when you are kids.

The beach in Kuwait was also one that I liked to go. The beach there meant me, sis, my parents, my uncle and aunt and my cousin sister spending an evening there and then going for a meal at KFC or getting shawarma and khuboos and hummus at a local place. Good times.

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Stages Of The Barfster

Barfi the pug tends to sleep a lot. He is more like a cat in that way. He sleeps maybe like 12-14 hours a day. His favourite spot is near the front door.

And then I wake him up. And he’s all like “dude, why did you have to break my sleep? I was dreaming of lady pugs and chasing them in lush green fields”

Even when he is sleepy he looks so adorable. Look at that face. Just look at that face.

And when is wide awake and wants a treat he knows just how to get it. By posing and looking really cute for the camera. Like this!

When you got it, flaunt it!