Under The Snow

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

Snow? In Kerala? Riiiiiiiighttttt?

Ok, so if I were ever to  go to a mountainous region of the world and were out on my own climbing some peak or skiiing or whatever it is that you do near these places, and found myself in deep shit by a huge avalanche and covered so deep in snow, what thoughts would keep me alive and get through this?

Uh, life in general and the will to survive. The fact that I’d had a job to get back to and bills to pay and a family to get back to. Family as in dad, mom and sis and her family. They might miss me if I don’t make it back. So that will keep me alive.

Plus there are a bunch of tv shows that I would love to still watch so…..

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com