UEFA Euro 2016 Semi – France 2 Germany 0

Hosts France advanced to the Euro 2016 final with their first victory over Germany in a major tournament since 1958 on a night of high emotion in Marseille. Antoine Griezmann, the tournament’s top scorer, made the decisive contributions in each half to set up a final against Portugal at the Stade de France on Sunday. Griezmann scored from the penalty spot right on half-time when Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger was penalised for handball by Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli in an aerial challenge with Patrice Evra. France held out against German pressure before Griezmann settled the destination of a pulsating semi-final with 18 minutes left when he turned in from close range after keeper Manuel Neuer could only half-clear Paul Pogba’s cross.

Joshua Kimmich then hit the woodwork for Germany and also saw a header brilliantly saved by France keeper Hugo Lloris – but there was no way back for the World Cup holders. France made a slow start to Euro 2016 but there was a real sense inside Marseille’s vast Stade Velodrome that Didier Deschamps’ team are now being carried towards the finishing line in Paris on Sunday by a national tide of emotion. It was, of course, during a friendly between France and Germany at the Stade de France, which will stage Sunday’s Euro 2016 final, that the first explosions were heard on the night of the Paris attacks in November in which 130 people died and hundreds of others were wounded. Fourteen players who started that night were in the line-ups that took to the field here in Marseille. The atmosphere inside the Stade Velodrome was electric after a day of searing temperatures and the togetherness now felt between France’s players and their supporters was summed up in one moment in the second half. Germany were applying pressure in an attempt to claw back a 1-0 deficit when the whole ground erupted into a rousing chorus of national anthem La Marseillaise to urge their team on.

One more task remains against Portugal on Sunday – the whole of France expects.

UEFA Euro 2016 Semi – Por 2 Wales 0

The great Wales adventure at Euro 2016 came to a disappointing end as they were beaten in the semi-final by Portugal in Lyon. Chris Coleman’s side entered the biggest game in Welsh football history – at their first major tournament since 1958 – carried by a wave of emotion and optimism after their 3-1 win against Belgium in the quarter-final. The big threat was always going to be Cristiano Ronaldo – and so it proved as his magnificent header broke the deadlock after 50 minutes. Three minutes later, his shot was diverted past Wayne Hennessy in the Wales goal by former Manchester United team-mate Nani.

Wales sorely missed the energy and authority of suspended midfielder Aaron Ramsey – and with Ronaldo overshadowing Real Madrid team-mate Gareth Bale in this game’s crucial battle, a journey that has made a country proud finally reached its conclusion. Portugal will now face hosts France or 2014 World Cup winners Germany in Sunday’s final at the Stade de France final in Paris. The Wales fans have been magnificent at Euro 2016, entering into the spirit of a patchy tournament with the same passion and positive thinking that has epitomised Coleman’s squad. And as defeat became increasingly inevitable on a steamy night in Lyon, they showed their appreciation for what they have seen in these recent weeks with rousing songs and a splash of colour.

Wales may have lost but the manner in which they approached Euro 2016 was exemplary and has provided memories that will last a lifetime, especially those second-half goals from Hal Robson-Kanu and Sam Vokes that sank Belgium. They took the tournament head-on, perhaps only wavering when gripped by the occasion against England in their Group B contest Lens, even then only losing to Daniel Sturridge’s injury-time winner. The confidence Wales can take away from France will provide the ideal platform for their 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign, which starts against Moldova in Cardiff in September.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a 2015 American erotic horror thriller film directed by Eli Roth, who also co-wrote the script with Guillermo Amoedoand Nicolás López. The film stars Keanu Reeves (who also co-executive produced the movie), Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas. The film was released on October 9, 2015, byLionsgate Premiere, and it is a remake of Peter Traynor’s 1977 film Death Game.

Evan is a 43 year old successful architect living in huge house in the sprawling hills  outside of Los Angeles. His family life is seemingly blissful, being in love with his Spanish wife, Karen, a successful artist and sculptor herself, and their two adorable kids. On father’s day the kids give Evan their present and cake and have breakfast together before Karen and the kids go for a weekend beach trip. Evan has to stay behind as a work project came up and so it’s just him and the family pet, a small dog, in the house. On a rainy night, Evan is interrupted from his work by a knock at the door. Two young ladies drenched from the torrential rain ask him for the address to a party, seemingly lost. As their phone is dead they ask Evan if they can use his internet to contact a friend. He lets them in and gives them towels and a tablet.

The girls, Genesis & Bel, find out that they have the wrong area so Evan orders an Uber for them but it is 45 minutes away. He gives them robes and puts their wet clothes in the dryer as the girls make themselves at home. Evan tries to be a good host showing them his record collection and DJ equipment (he used to be a DJ in his youth), warding off their flirty advances by changing seats and talking about his wife. However they won’t stop and when Evan leaves the room for a bit and sees that the driver has come, he finds the girls naked in his bathroom and practically begging him for sex. Temptation finally wins and he gives in, having a threesome with the two. Then next morning, they girls don’t want to seem to leave and making a mess of his house cooking breakfast and messing up Karen’s art. He threatens to call the cops but the girls then claim that they are underage. A friend of Karen drops by and despite Evan trying to get her away, she sees Genesis who comes out, and assumes correctly that Evan is cheating on Karen and angrily leaves.

Evan finally threatens to report a break-in, they give in and agree to be taken home. He drops them off at an upscale neighborhood where they supposedly live. He then returns home, cleans the mess, and tries to go back to his work. However that night, the girls break in and knock Evan unconscious and tie him up and wreck a lot of the belongings in the house and the art and stage a mock game show. Evan is forced to have sex with Bel,  while role-playing as a school girl in his daughter’s school uniform while he is tied up and Genesis secretly tapes them. When Evan finally releases himself, he jumps at Bel and knocks her off. He charges at Genesis, who stabs him in his wounded shoulder with a fork. She then pins him to the ground and both girls proceed to tie him up to a chair with electrical cord. Luis, Karen’s assistant comes by, so the girls hide Evan and Genesis pretends she is Evan’s niece. It almost works but Luis panics upon finding the vandalized sculpture and immediately realizes these girls are lying about their relation to Evan.

Louis then finds Evan tied up to a chair, but before he can help him he hears the girls smashing the vandalized sculpture. He runs to stop them, but then has an asthma attack, and realizes they took his inhaler. The girls play monkey-in-the-middle with his inhaler, and as he tries to get it back, he slips on a piece of the sculpture and knocks his head on the edge, killing him. They turn Louis’ body into a red sculpture and dig a makeshift grave in the backyard meant for Evan. They reveal that they had spied on him before contacting him and they do this to other married men as a game; the men always say yes to having sex with the girls. They are also not underage; they lied about that to him. They bury him upto his neck and show Evan the video of him and Bel having sex and upload it to his facebook account on his phone and we see the comments from his shocked friends pouring in. They finally leave, taking Evan’s small dog with them, leaving Evan to try and dig his way out.

Evan’s wife returns a little bit later with their kids and sees the chaos in the house with lots of crude and vulgar drawings on the wall and on the family photos and the art as the movie ends. An alternate ending has Evan putting on black gloves and shows him walk up to a house where the girls are inside torturing their latest victim. Upon hearing the sound of knocking they both tense up and ask: “Who’s there?” and the movie ends.

Not bad though there are some stuff we can’t buy. The spying and the timings seem a bit too much. Luis’ death also is a bit too convenient as is his idiotic fumbling and not releasing Evan from his constraints before getting killed plus his asthma attack. Still for a black comedy, it’s an ok film. I will give it a 7 outta 10!

A Closer Look AT The And USS Dauntless Model

Howdy Trekkies. It’s been a while since I shared my ever growing collection of Star Trek starships, all of which are from the Official Star Trek Starship Collection from Eaglemoss for now atleast. So here’s another one.


The “USS Dauntless” was an alien starship disguised as a Federation Dauntless-class starship that was in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. Allegedly, the Dauntless was the prototype for its class of starship. In mid-2374, while still stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager received a transmission from Starfleet Command via the ancient Hirogen communications network. Although the message contained a number of unencoded personal messages, there was also an encrypted file that the Voyager crew was unable to open.


On Stardate 51978, Voyager encountered an alien named Arturis who had a gift for translating languages, both verbal and visual. He easily decrypted the mysterious message, which gave a set of coordinates near their current location. Upon arrival, the Voyager crew discovered the Dauntless, which activated its quantum slipstream drive when the away team of Chakotay, Tom Paris and Tuvok boarded it to travel fifteen light-years in a few minutes. The Dauntless was relatively minimalist by other Starfleet standards, possessing only one transporter and no replicators, holodecks or shuttlecraft. While investigating the Dauntless, it soon proved to be an elaborate trap set by Arturis to arrange for the Voyager crew’s assimilation by the Borg, with its resemblance to Starfleet technology the result of Particle synthesis, an advanced form of replicator technology. Arturis’s race had been recently assimilated by the Borg, and Arturis blamed that event on Kathryn Janeway’s short-lived alliance with the Borg against Species 8472.


He had assumed that the crew’s desire to get home would prompt them to immediately take the ship and use the slipstream to try and get back to Earth, only learning after activating it that it was programmed to take them to Borg space, but past experience and an unwillingness to abandon Voyager prompted the crew to carry out various tests first. After Janeway decoded enough of the original message to reveal that Dauntless was a trap, Arturis attempted to simply take Janeway and Seven back to Borg space, but Voyager was able to duplicate the slipstream and rescue them, leaving Arturis stranded aboard the Dauntless as it entered Borg space, where he was presumably assimilated.


Luckily for Janeway non of her crew perished in the incident and the only casualty was Arturis. In 2375, Voyager used the slipstream technology examined aboard the Dauntless to construct their own makeshift slipstream drive. It did not succeed.


A beautiful and awesome looking design that an advanced alien came up with to capture the crew of the Voyager. Enjoy the video.

Stay Away From The Watchtower

I met my first Jehovah’s Witness member today. I was unwell and hence left from work early, took an Uber ride home. I was having a conversation about general stuff with the driver (politics, construction on the metro & roads in the city) and it was all usual chit-chat and just as I was about to reach home, he asked me when I get some free time to visit jw.org.

I said I will never have such free time that I will want to waste it on that stuff. He tried to convince me but I was not willing to agree to it. Told him, he’s a nice guy and all that but keep his JW stuff to himself.

I didn’t know they had made inroads into my neck of the woods.

UEFA Euro 2016 – Quarterfinals Final Two Games

Germany reached the Euro 2016 semi-finals after winning a thrilling penalty shootout against Italy in Bordeaux. Joachim Low’s World Cup holders looked on course for victory in normal time – against a country they had never beaten at a major tournament – when Mesut Ozil rounded off a slick build-up with Mario Gomez and Jonas Hector to score at the near post in the 65th minute. Italy did not flinch but were grateful for a moment of madness from Germany defender Jerome Boateng when he needlessly handled, allowing Leonardo Bonucci to score the first penalty of his career with 12 minutes left. Germany missed more penalties in one shootout than in their history – three – but were once again the winners on penalties.

They have still never lost a shootout since the 1976 final of this competition when they lost to Czechoslovakia – some 40 years and 13 days ago. It was settled when Hector drove low under Italy keeper Gianluigi Buffon after Manchester United’s Matteo Darmian saw his side’s ninth penalty saved by Manuel Neuer. Germany will now play either hosts France or England’s conquerors Iceland in the last four. This was a meeting between two of European football’s superpowers – a last-eight match-up that would have graced the final itself in Paris next weekend. Instead it was a fight for a place in the last four and Low’s Germany did what they do best. They found a way to win, however it was achieved.

France scored five to bring a brutal end to the Iceland fairytale and set up an intriguing Euro 2016 semi-final against world champions Germany in Marseille on Thursday. There was almost a sense of disbelief around the Stade de France at the break as the host nation walked off with a 4-0 advantage, two of the goals coming in the closing minutes of the half. Olivier Giroud’s low strike and Paul Pogba’s powerful header from a corner had settled early French nerves and put their side in control. Dimitri Payet scored his third goal of an increasingly memorable tournament for the West Ham playmaker with a precise low strike from 20 yards that skidded across the greasy surface before Antoine Griezmann deftly lifted the ball over Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson. After the restart Kolbeinn Sigthorsson stabbed home at the near post from Gylfi Sigurdsson’s cross as Iceland refused to give in before France restored their four-goal advantage when Giroud headed in a free-kick.

Still, there was more to cheer for the excellent Iceland fans when Birkir Bjarnason headed a second for his side in the final stages of what has been a remarkable tournament debut for their team. Didier Deschamps’ side had only conceded twice in the tournament before meeting Iceland – both penalties – but they had not scored in the opening half of a match and only really shown in flashes that they can reproduce on the pitch the ability they appear to have on paper. That changed at a wet but atmospheric Stade de France on Sunday. Griezmann had not scored in 648 minutes of football for France at this ground but he ended that with his composed, delicate finish. In some ways the goal was everything that was best about France; a patient 14-pass move that ended with a moment of invention to open up the opposition. A raking ball forward was superbly dummied by Giroud, completely bamboozling the Iceland defence and giving Griezmann a clear run at goal. The goal took Griezmann to four in the tournament and he is now the highest scorer at Euro 2016, with Payet and Giroud among several players one behind. But even though France were very comfortable winners, it was far from a flawless performance.

Arsenal Sign Takuma Asano

Arsenal have signed Japan forward Takuma Asano from J-League side Sanfrecce Hiroshima, subject to the completion of a medical and regulatory processes. The 21-year-old has won five caps for Japan since making his debut in August 2015 and is set to take part in the Rio Olympics next month. Gunners boss Arsene Wenger told the club’s official website: “Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future. “He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan and we look forward to him developing over the next couple of years.” Takuma signed for Sanfrecce Hiroshima as an 18-year-old in January 2013 and went on to make 56 appearances, scoring 11 goals.

Arsenal fans have spent much of the summer waiting for the arrival of a new striker. However, it’s fair to say that when the club announced the acquisition of Japanese forward Takuma Asano, the news was not exactly met with widespread glee. Even in his native Japan, this deal has come as something of a surprise. Asano, 21, is a young talent with a burgeoning reputation, but not many onlookers expected him to make a leap to the Premier League any time soon. For Arsenal supporters, Asano’s signing represents a classic public relations stunt. The club are badly in need of a new central attacker to support the inconsistent Olivier Giroud and replace the injured Danny Welbeck. That they signed a relative unknown is almost comically predictable. It is somewhat reminiscent of the summer of 2011, when chief negotiator Dick Law spent much of his time embroiled in a bid to sign Costa Rican teenager Joel Campbell rather than focusing on replacing Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Much like Campbell, Asano is unlikely to qualify for a work permit right away. He’ll have to spend at least a couple of seasons on loan, making this a signing for the future that has little potential to benefit the first-team any time soon. Throw in the very public failed pursuit of Jamie Vardy and it’s easy to see why the Gunners’ fans are feeling a little frustrated. Arsenal looked to have stolen a march on their rivals with the early purchase of Granit Xhaka in May, but more than a month has passed since that deal was announced with little progress.

First Ever Burger King Visit

Finally, we have a Burger King in the city and state. I have waited so long for them to come to us. BK launched in India almost 2 years ago and I blogged about it at the time and ever since then I have been waiting eagerly.


A couple of months back, I was informed by a post on Facebook about the sign in Lulu Mall that Burger King was launching their first outlet in Kerala – and I wanted to go there as soon as I could. They opened up just a few days ago (less than a week) and I picked this Friday to go and get me a Whopper.


I like their decorations and their tables and chairs and the overall design. I just couldn’t get over the fact that yet another iconic American fast food chain is near me. I went in and looked at the menu and selected the Mutton Whopper (something BK India has done to get over the fact that national level restaurants in India will not be allowed to have beef on their menu).


So they have these paper crowns with the Burger King logo on their tables. No way was I gonna wear one and look like a dork! But yeah kids will love them, cause kids are dorks! :D


What I loved was the size of the Whopper, big enough that it needs that big box. As you can see I went for the meal combo. For sides I thought I should try a different type of fries and went for the Cheesy Fries. A big warm glop of cheddar cheese over these big fries (well bigger compared to McDonald’s fries. And for drinking I picked a pepsi.


Here is the verdict; I won’t ever go for the Cheesy Fries again! The warm melted thick cheese was too much for me on the fries, which I could not really enjoy. I think they also should have fried it a bit more. I initially rated it high, as high as an 8 but went down to a 5 afterwards. I could only eat half of it despite the fact that I wasn’t full as it was past noon and I hadn’t had breakfast yet. The mutton whopper was much better but I wish they could have used a little less bbq sauce to make the burger less sloppy.

Overall I like it a lot. Will go there often for more and try out the various burgers.

The Legend Of Tarzan

Despite the fact that there must be a bunch of Tarzan movies made throughout the history of motion pictures, I can’t remember having seen one other than the Bollywood production which came out sometime in the mid-80s and images of Kimi Kathkar dancing in that skippy & clingy outfit which still fuels my lust. I must have seen more that that but I just don’t remember then. So when I saw the trailers for this movie, I thought I must watch this. The Legend of Tarzan is a 2016 film based on the fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, directed by David Yates and written by Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer, its cast comprises Alexander Skarsgård as the title character, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie, Djimon Hounsou, Jim Broadbent and Christoph Waltz.

The story goes like this; Tarzan goes by his given name of John Clayton II and living in his palatial ancestral home in London. It has been 8 years since he left the jungles of Africa and he has settled into nobility and a refined, civilized life spent with his wife Jane. We see flashbacks of his dad, who has just buried his wife Alice who died of natural causes, and who is killed by these large gorillas. Kala a female gorilla, “adopts” the baby John and raises him along with her son Akut. Tarzan struggled to fit in with the apes, being attacked by the ape leader Kerchak, believing that humans were dangerous. As he grows up he meets the American Jane, who is there in the jungle with her father. They fall in love and get married and he later moves to his family home in London (we never learn how that happens).

It is now 1889 and King Leopold of Belgium states that he has an intetion to seize control of the land’s minerals, which resulted in large profits. When the resources began to run dry, Leopold sends Captain Leon Rom to secure more minerals. When Rom searches for the minerals, his men open fire over a tribe and its natives. Afterwards, Rom is approached by the tribe’s leader, Chief Mbonga, who offers Rom the minerals in exchange for Tarzan, who killed his son in retaliation for Kala’s murder. So to get Tarzan or John to Africa, an invitation is sent to him to visit Boma and Tarzan initially rejects it but is convinced by American George Washington Williams to bring light to the slavery and exploitation being done in the region. Tarzan and Jane, who recently lost a baby in her womb, travel to Africa with Williams in tow and meet up with their friends in a friendly tribe. At night, the Belgians attack and take both Tarzan and Jane prisoners but Tarzan is rescued by Williams.

The rest of the movie is a chase, some stunning shots in the jungle and fight scenes with both man and ape and stampeding buffalo and yeah crocodiles. Some humour and some action but hardly a story that dazzles us or keeps us thinking “what’s gonna happen next?”. It’s a bit boring or should I stay “stale” as it’s a generic movie that uses Tarzan’s character as the theme for it but it’s nothing special. I still enjoyed it watching it on the big screen but I wonder how much I would enjoy it watched it at home. A time waster for an afternoon with a cola and popcorn. A 7 outta 10!

UEFA Euro 2016 – Quarterfinals First Two Games

Portugal reached the semi-finals of the European Championship for the fourth time in five tournaments with a penalty shootout victory over Poland. Ricardo Quaresma scored the winning spot-kick after Jakub Blaszczykowski’s effort was saved by Rui Patricio. Robert Lewandowski had fired Poland ahead in the second minute with teenager Renato Sanches equalising via a deflected strike. Portugal’s semi-final opponents will be either Wales or Belgium. Remarkably, Portugal have reached the last four without winning a game in normal time following three draws in a group in which they finished third and an extra-time win over Croatia in the last 16. No side has ever got this far in a European Championship without winning a match inside 90 minutes.

Portugal have also only led a match for 22 minutes during the whole tournament, while Poland have not trailed for a single minute. However, for a second dour and conservative knockout game running, Fernando Santos’ side did what was required when it mattered. Neither goalkeeper came close to saving the first three penalties from either side. Cristiano Ronaldo, Sanches and Joao Moutinho all scored excellent penalties for Portugal, with Lewandowski, Arkadiusz Milik and Kamil Glik following suit for Poland. However, after Nani had put Portugal 4-3 ahead, Patricio dived full length to his left to palm away Blaszczykowski’s effort with one hand. Lukasz Fabianski got his fingertips to Quaresma’s decisive effort but could not prevent it finding the roof of the net.

Onto last night’s match and what a golorious night it was for Wales! Wales reached the semi-finals of a major tournament for the first time after a stirring fightback to beat Belgium in the European Championship quarter-final in Lille. Radja Nainggolan put Belgium ahead with a thunderous 25-yard strike but Wales captain Ashley Williams headed in from a corner to equalise in a breathless first half littered with chances at both ends. Welsh celebrations reached stratospheric levels when Hal Robson-Kanu, a striker without a club, gave them the lead with a divine turn and finish. After withstanding late Belgium pressure, Wales sealed victory through a header from substitute Sam Vokes that set up a semi-final against Portugal and a mouth-watering duel between Real Madrid team-mates Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Wales manager Chris Coleman had described the last-eight tie as Wales’ biggest match since their 1958 World Cup quarter-final defeat by Brazil, their only previous appearance in the knockout stages of a major tournament.

His players rose to the occasion wonderfully, recovering from a difficult start to claim what must rank as the greatest win in Welsh football history. Absent from major tournaments for 58 years, Wales have not only ended a barren half a century but propelled Welsh football into unchartered territory.

Previous Welsh sides have claimed iconic results, such as a 2-1 win over Hungary at the 1958 World Cup, a 1991 victory against then world champions Germany and a qualifying triumph against Italy in 2002. However, those were in isolation and failed to propel Wales on to greater achievements. Bale has been a key figure in Wales’ success at Euro 2016, scoring three times in the group stages, but this victory highlighted the team spirit that Coleman and his side have spoken of throughout their time together in France. The Real Madrid forward worked industriously throughout, but his efforts were eclipsed by others such as Williams, who scored despite a shoulder injury which made him a doubt for the game. Aaron Ramsey was Wales’ creative heart – setting up two of the three goals – and it is a crushing blow that both the Arsenal midfielder and Ben Davies will miss the semi-final after picking up a second tournament booking. And then there was the display from Robson-Kanu, a player who has been inspired by Wales’ historic run in this tournament. Belgium would have seen Bale as the obvious threat going into this game, but it was a free agent released by Reading who gave his side a foothold on 55 minutes.

Coleman’s men had to weather several periods of heavy Belgian pressure, but they took the lead in spectacular fashion against a side ranked second in the world, playing only 10 miles from the Belgian border. A neat move saw Ramsey pass to Robson-Kanu, who bamboozled the defenders surrounding him with a graceful turn which allowed him the space to calmly finish. There was a symbolism to the goal as Robson-Kanu – released by a Championship side – swept his shot past Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Former Wales forward John Hartson said: “If I was a chairman of a Premier League club I would be making Hal Robson-Kanu my next signing. What a goal. He sent Thomas Meunier for a cup of tea and a piece of toast with that turn.” This was a goal which embodied Wales’ odds-defying run at Euro 2016, after languishing as low as 117th in the world rankings in 2011.

Awesome Day In Lulu Mall

I had a nice visit to Lulu again today. I have made up my mind; the best time to go to Lulu is during the morning and afternoon on a weekday. Never again on a weekend or a holiday. Especially if I want to go food shopping at the Lulu Hypermart, which is difficult to do. I love to go to Lulu Hypermart and planned to do it today after taking a leave from work. Going there on a Saturday or Sunday evening is a no-no for me. I hate crowds, especially gangs of women with screaming kids. If you know any couple who are thinking of having children, take them to Lulu Hypermart during the busy hours – they will change their mind.

Last time I went in there were two ladies next to me with 4 carts, hardly 5 to 6 items (of which one was onnaka chemmeen) and 4 screaming terrorists inside the carts! Crying because someone did not give them what they wanted! Plus this small little fella who grabbed my shoe and tried to climb up using my pants!


Main agenda #1 – go to the newly opened Burger King on the 3rd floor of Lulu Mall (which I shall review in another post). After that late breakfast / lunch or brunch, it was in for a movie – I watched The Legend of Tarzan in 3D. While I watched the movie, I had a medium Pepsi and a small popcorn, caramel flavoured! Hmmm it is so delicious but a little too sweet. Very light too, the cheese flavoured popcorn at Cinepolis feels heavy but this one is so light. But yeah a bit too sweet. Made my Pepsi taste a little less sweet.


The movie done, I went to the Hypermart and marveled at the huge collection of food, fruits, pre-cooked, wrapped, canned food, drinks, snacks, candy and what not! It is an enormous store and I love it. Love the fruit & sweet sections at Lulu’s Hypermart. I ended up buying some apples, mangoes, dates from the fruit section, big bell peppers, baby carrots (didn’t know carrots are born as babies), mushrooms, a french baguette, some large garlic cheese bread and kubhoos among other stuff. Great haul.

I ended the visit with a quick ice cream. Finally got me some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, another new outlet that opened a few weeks back. I opted for the Coffee Lovers only small in a waffle bowl. It is really good but expensive too. Also they need a bigger place; minimal seating and a family were hogging two tables even though they were done. I stood and had mine but couldn’t finish the waffle bowl once the ice cream was done. Lesson learned – break the cone and sprinkle it on the ice cream. 9.5 outta 10 for taste but at that price….. perhaps a 7!

Cue the Violins

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

I must have mentioned something before but oh well – tune the electric guitars, tune the drums and tune the keys. My life’s soundtrack is hard rock n heavy metal! I want soaring loud guitar solos and pounding drums. Music from Metallica, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Rush, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Dream Theatre, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, etc etc. Some ballads and some rockers and some instrumentals too – a la Joe Satriani, Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen!

Lots of other bands and songs out there from my childhood to today that I love and I can find exact moments to pay certain moments. When I was happy, sad, angry, horny, in love, loved, hated, hating, lonely, pensive, crazy and tired. My life’s story can be told in songs from rock n’roll.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com