Where’s The Music?

I’m feeling sad while looking at some of my cds. I am a big music fan and I love my music collection but everything I have is on mp3 format. I either get them online in mp3 format or buy cds and rip them onto my hard disks in mp3 format. I think the last time I bought and played a music cd was back in 2009! 2009, that’s 7 years ago!

I currently have about 57GB worth of music in about 10,500 mp3 files on my laptop and I have a copy of them on an external hard disk. That’s a lot of music and a lot of songs. I barely listen to them anymore now though. I blame Youtube for that. Youtube had gotten me fixated on live versions of the songs that I like hence I listen to song mostly on Youtube. I have come to prefer the different live versions of rock songs by bands and musicians that I like. With some exceptions ofcourse. Also Youtube has a much larger access to musicians that you may never have heard of but are super talented and do either awesome covers or originals that you’ll like.

So I look at the cds that I have and will probably sell off at a local store here. Most of them at least in prime condition. Blame it on the times, cds are done for the most part.