Marital Blues Dream

I had this weird dream two nights ago. Odd one. In it I was finally fed up of life and living all alone and agreed to marry this chick, who said that she wanted to marry me. And get this – the girl (and I will have to call her a girl) is almost 19 years younger than me!!!) Apparently when she was in college a guy in her class liked her a lot and she ended up saying no to him because he was very aggressive. She was quite hurt by that whole episode is what she said and I wanted to make things better for her.

So, I ended up telling this young girl that I wanted to marry her as well and started making preparations. I went everywhere with this girl, hand in hand, as I let her choose the wedding invitation cards, hall, flowers etc etc. I invited all of my friends and family. All the time, she clung to me. I would kiss her when we had some downtime and decided that I would really do everything I could to make her happy. And then….a night before the wedding something happened. I can’t remember exactly what the details were because this dream was on Saturday and it’s Tuesday now. All I remember is that things went sour and I was trapped and being blackmailed by her and her friends and I had no way out. So I had decided to kill her and her friends and then kill myself or something like that. All I remember is fire in the end.

Weird. I know this girl in real life and I have no feelings towards her at all. Oh well! It was just a dream.