Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?

Lots of things. The touch of cool, clean sheets on my naked body, the feel of a soft but firm pillow. Nice clean clothes on you. The feel of a woman’s body next to yours, the touch of her smooth hand on your skin. That human touch is the most evocative and the most natural, nurturing and joyful.

The scent, the smell, the touch of skin on skin just cannot be beat. There is no greater feeling in the world when two loving humans are together and as bare as the day they were born. No dirty stuff intended but that naked touch is part of our nature. It is in our basic dna that we crave that touch.

Lets give in to that feeling that we crave.

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com