Here’s To A New Start

And so ends my slightly more than 2 years tryst with working in the outsourced section of the customer care and billing support (as a trainer) for one of the world’s largest (probably the world’s richest) iptv, broadband internet, wireless and homephone provider. And now I am moving onto to another process which is for online shopping plus a bunch of other services and it’s a pretty big company in itself.

I had my last working day at the current process at the office yesterday. Being a Saturday we had a minimal staffing and I had a little work done. I sat for a leisurely coffee with some snacks at 4:45pm and worked with the guy who is going to be doing a lot of the reports I was doing and will be conducting training for the process I am leaving. After dinner I prepared to move a lot of my files from my current desktop system to my personal drive (which can be accessed from any system).

By 10:30 pm I shutdown my system and went to meet some folks in the process and tell them a quick bye (not really a goodbye since I am going to be working in the same building just 2 floors up and will see them during breaks and at the cafeteria) and then booked my Uber to come back home.