A Second Tattoo?

Would You Ever Consider Getting a Tattoo?

I already have a tattoo. I got my first one after years of thinking about getting one and when I got one I was already 39 years old. I would consider getting a second and a third one if I do get the chance and find a good tattoo artist. The question is what design would I choose to get for my second tattoo?

I keep thinking I want a skullhead tattoo and I really would love that. I dunno how it would end up looking but I have several designs that I would love to be on my skin. Heavy metal and hard rock style logos or design is also something I would love to get done. I have a design that I got someone to create for me which is a skullhead in a top hat with vampire teeth and a cape and which I have dubbed Count Roshculla. That would be awesome.

Other things I have considered are Star Trek logos and a few other things here and there. Someday I will get them.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times